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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Washington Township Trustee Frank "Short" On Common Sense Has Earned Him A Spot On the IPSE Exchange

OBSERVATION:  As a general rule we've decided a while ago not to include Trustees on the Exchange because most of their activities are transactional in nature and for the most part wouldn't generate enough attention to boost stock interest. Of course we forgot to factor in good ole' Frank "from da' Region" Short into the mix.  Frank Short, former councilman who abandoned his southside disrict to run for Trustee in Washington Township, is showing why having a law degree is not an clear indicator of intelligence (no offense to all of you attorneys out there - we have two on our IPSE team).

In a nutshell Trustee Short has decided to spend $20,000 of taxpayer dollars (almost 50% of his 45k per year salary) for a case worth $758 in poverty aid for a single mother and student.

In what is not only bescribed as a bonehead move during a time when local taxpayers are losing thier jobs and homes, it should be an embarrassment to other 1,007 trustees who are facing the real possibility that in the next years their offices will only reside within the annals of history.  Perhaps this is Frank's only way of making partner at Ice Miller, if this is the case we have a question for the chair of the partnership committee "Do you really want a guy who can't grasp the simple concept of "Return On Investment" ?


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  1. Unfortunately privacy laws prevent Trustee Short from discussing the real story here.....maybe it will come out in a hearing or court case.

  2. What is Frank Short's real last name ? And why would he have to change his last name?I am thinking that is worth looking into?