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Saturday, March 6, 2010

While Lincoln Plowman Has Been De-listed, Angela Mansfield Weighs In As the Saga Continues

OBSERVATIONS:  Conventional wisdom would suggest that after de-listing Lincoln Plowman's (LPLO) stock that this story would end.

Au contraire mon frere as  Paul Ogden (OGPL) and Chris Worden (IPOP) both have added a little drama to the story.  And as a result we have introduced City-County Councillor Angela Mansfield (AMAN) to the board.  Because he is an employee of the City we must factor in this info into Mayor Ballard's (GBAL) stock value the donor issue to the County GOP also cannot be ignore therefore TOJO stock will also be impacted.

We aren't sure how much is speculation on the part of the reader however we do believe there's more to this story than meets the eye. In the meantime here's the info you've been waiting for.


UP: AMAN $110;  IPOP; $150 OGPL $155;

DOWN: GBAL $135; TOJO $50


  1. This doesn't appear to be a 'sting' type investigation considering the amount of time between the alleged incident and the investigations coming to light. I mean anyone with enough cojones to allegedly bribe a elected official wouldn't rely soley on that official. Methinks there are bigger fish out there and that Lincoln is being railroaded to resign with his pension in order to avoid dragging others down with him. It has been my experience that in politics damaged goods are immediately jettisoned to keep the party ship afloat.

  2. Paul is very close. Look at the time lines. What was going on in 2004-8. Where was Tom and what were his ambitions? And don't forget Brizzi. Remember Tom's former girlfriend (now 2nd wife) Christina Trexler was a private investigator. This story has very long legs in that Lincoln has already cut the deal (2 resignations,no jail time and he keeps his pension) and named names...There are some bigger fish to fry and Lincoln was just the minnow. Also there are at least 1 well-known "political pundit" invloved. I'll let you guys guess who.

  3. You need to put LPLO back on the board.He has value.The vaoue being that he has already turned on John and others.That it worth something

  4. so who paid for the undercover white utility van?

  5. Tom was trying to figure out how to undermine Mike Murphy during that time period as well as working to drive out conservative republicans and bolster candidates like Scott Keller and we all know how that went. He was also sniffing around skirts at downtown bars and the Columbia Club with Carl Brizzi, Tim Durham and the guy who's name rhymes with "Raoul".

    Soon he found something on the side worth dumping his wife for and then the fun began. After working with others to set up Murphhy for the big fall, he and Brooks placed enough PC on the ballot to walk away with the nomination. In the meantime he needed to make a little money so he structured some bogus deals in Lake County and parlayed that into enough money to support his lifestyle, cut a deal with the insiders to keep the GOP side open for Brizzi in 2011 by undermining potential candidates for the 2007 field. He had Ballard elected because he felt he was the weakest of all candidates then installed John Cochran as his campaign chair. With John in place he felt he would be assured of Ballards failure, Peterson one more term and Brizzi's asecention to the 25 floor. Of course this didn't quite work out however he quickly got back into Ballards good graces with Loftus and Grands help and cashed in his chips for a partnership with Ice Miller. There were a lot of things that occured during this time that raised the eyebrows of some folks in DC and coupled with his realtionship with Brizzi and Durham has created a very uncomfortable situation for the former golden boy. You see the problem is these guys aren't quite sure how long the Feds have been monitoring Durham and Brizzi's phone calls. Every conversation between the three (or four) has implications and sometimes you can't remember which lie you told. Tom is knee deep in his own sh?t and whatever they don't get from Lincoln they will get from someone else.

  6. southern gentlemanMarch 8, 2010 at 1:28 PM

    Tom has a habit of playing both sides (in more ways than one). He steered a ton on money to his "buddy" glen murphy for two election cycles then when things went south for Glen he acted like he didn't even know him. He refused to return his phone calls or emails and refused to meet with him to settle up.

    I still can't figure out why a guy like Tom John who likes to be fawned over by gay men (closeted and open) hooked up with Christina Trexler.

    So for all of you sychopant Tom John followers once he gets close to you to discover your secrets then uses it against you when the time comes.

  7. Hey Ipse Abdul has a pretty good post on Angela Mansfield. What's your take oh wise ones?

  8. Lincoln was caught selling badges on-line and some other items procured from the Property room. This was the tie-in with the late constable Roy Houchins. Apparently Lincoln was the missing link and Roy was going to do some really hard time. Lincoln turned State's evidence and the rest is history.

  9. i'm not sure i buy that old guard. And here's why. Assuming you are correct then the investigation ends and there's no reason for the veil of secrecy. I think that this is a big case and that the "badge" issue is a mis-direction play. The fact that Ballard and Co. are mum on this issue unless they are somehow politically tied directly or indirectly to those person(s) of interests. I think this is going to be far bigger than Lincoln and the fact they let him walk with a pension and a promis to keep his mouth shut should make a lot of other elected/appointed officals very nervous. I believe that based on the things weve seen over the last 6-months or so that the Feds are building a case to take down someone very big.