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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

IPSE Commerical Break: Yes You Too Can Trade On Indy's Political Stock Exchange

We have taken a lot of email related to trading stock on this blog especially around the subject of who can trade and when they can trade.  While we don't mind answering your questions we thought it would be more efficient to just write a post specifically for you.  Yes you are that important to us.

On Who Can Trade:  While you must be a follower to participate in future trading, it does not mean you need to be a blogger. You can become a follower of this blog without becoming a regular blogger and here's how you do it

Just as we've stated previously we think having a minimum of 10 regular traders benefits participants from knowing their competitors and it provides us with a set of constants so that we can test this model.  For  more information on the basics of future trading just check out the page links at the top of page.

Thanks again and now back to your regular programming.


  1. There is no link there to start the program

  2. anon 6:22

    The link was to a page that provides a description on how someone can follow a blog without having to create one. There was no link to start the trading. That will happen within 24 hours of the 10th follower joining.