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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Brian Williams Letter Shows Leaks On Backroom Water Deal, Melina Kennedy Forced To Find A Mop

OBSERVATIONS:  In a splash of local news Mayoral hopeful Democrat Brian Williams (BWMS) take on  Mayor Greg Ballard's first public policy announcement that didn't involve a trip overseas.  We're not going to get into the detail of the letter but you can read it for yourself here courtesy of (ITIM).  It would be very easy to overlook this letter as a squabble about the minutiae unless of course you set it aside to see who is doing the negoatiating...that is where the story really gets interesting.


UP: BWMS $120; ITIM $100

DOWN:  GBAL $125; MKEN $110


  1. So Melina's law firm is working with Ballard on the water deal? Now that's an awkward situation.

  2. The Williams letter is part of the Re-elect Ballard campaign. Williams only concern is to try and damage Melina enough so that she will lose. She has learned a lot in the past 4 years and is not afraid to speak up and is tough......