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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gary Welsh Blows Gasket (And Stock Value) Over Crime Prevention Funding To Local NFP, Ballard Continues Upward Climb.

OBSERVATIONS:  Well like March Madness signals basketball mania every time you mention funding for not-for-profits you trigger a response from blogger Gary Welsh (ADIN) . This time it has to do with the perennial funding of local not-for-profits for crime prevention programs. Now while his postion may have merit we took a glance at the list as well and found it odd that Gary only targeted the African-American programs for his castigation.  Like it or not mayor Greg Ballard (GBAL) is only continuing what his predecessor started and perhaps just as importantly a deft (and rare for this mayor) political move that provides little opportunity for aspiring Democratic mayoral candidates to play the "Republicans don't care" card to grassroots activist.  Not a bad plan if we do say so ourseleves.

All things being equal, Ballard gets a bump and we feel we must dial down Welsh's stock for being a bit disengenious on his selective vitriol towards minority grant recipients.  And Gary no offense but keep in mind that the ole' "hate speech" thingy is a two edge sword and you just nicked yourself pulling it out. 


UP: GBAL $145


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