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Friday, March 5, 2010

Frowns to the Left of Him, Stokers to the Right, Ballard's Stock Caught In the Middle Will Lose

OBESERVATIONS:  Well it is certainly a rarity when bloggers from both sides of the politcal spectrum (OGPL and ITIM) target the same individual at the same time. In this case it could mean thatMayor Greg Ballard ( GBAL) is either doing something really, really great or something is going horribly wrong.

Both pundits raise some interesting questions for taxpayers to ponder and we guess if the mayor can point to the number of jobs that were created (or saved) or even agreements signed he could ride this one out. 

In the meantime Mayor at some point in time you've gotta' show the people something more than the photos of you and the first lady on the beach.


UP: OGPL $145; ITIM $90

DOWN:  GBAL $145

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