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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Political Potpourri

OBESRVATIONS:  Here's our special blend of observations we wanted to slide in today. First we need to acknolwedge the pummeling Ryan Vaughn (RVHN) took not once, but twice, but three times  at the hands of Councilor Jonanne Sanders (JSAN), BartLies and the the anonymous Indiana Barrister commenter Think Again.  Speaking points are not a substitute for actually understanding the substance of the debate.  It was painfully obvious that Ryan Vaughn is not ready for prime time unless he brings a teleprompter or has Bob Grand or Joe Loftus whispering in his ear.

Mayor Ballard (GBAL) scores a big one with the announcment of the Pacer deal.   Paul Ogden (OGPL) and Gary Welsh (ADIN) were worthy adversaries however they were no match for the Ballard machine. While he may be the Mayor who bent the taxpayers over for the Pacers, he won't be the Mayor who let them leave. The clanking sound you hear is the can being kicked downt he road. Of course we can't help but say we told you so!

We hear from multiple sources that Baker and Daniels newbie attorney Zach Myers, son of Dr. Woody Myers is testing the waters for a possible bid to inherit the seat currently held by Pike Councilor/Mayoral candidate Jose Evans.  What makes this news worthy for posting is that it does indicate that Jose is serious about his bid. Melina may want to review the David and Goliath story just in case. This will be an interesting item to watch as the GOP doesn't seem to have anyone in the bullpen let alone on deck.


UP:  JSAN $120, JEVN $120; GBAL $80, ADIN $130, OGPL $190, BLIE $110

DOWN:  RVHN $100,


  1. I guess my investment in BLIE paid off :)

  2. Also, your link to Bart Lies left out the ".com" part.

  3. Zack Myers for City-County Council? Hmmm.

  4. His daddy can buy it for him......

  5. The mayor and any member of the council who vote to, in essence, cause our water bills to be substantially higher, for questionable purposes, deserve to be pummeled.

  6. There is no real Democrat opposition ot the deal because everbody is getting a piece of the action.