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Monday, July 12, 2010

IPSE: Good News Bad News...

OBSERVATIONS: Well folks we have so good news and we have some bad news about today. First the bad news. We have decided to postpone "Trading Day" for another 24 hours to bring the political market up to date.  So for all of you "followers" who are eager to begin trading our advice is to study up on the rules of the game listed at the top of the blog (each opens to a spearate page) and watch the board today so that you can hit the ground running.  Keep in mind this is will NOT be an inaugural trading day which means you can  buy and sell during the designated periods.

Now the good news!  We now have three tiered mutual funds so that you can trade stock at all levels of government - local state and federal. With all that is going on in politics nowdays we were having a difficult time ignoring some of the blockbuster stories occurring at the federal and state levels of government and how they play into our local trading game. So for the last three weeks we've been playing around with this concept and wanted to test the model during a live trade.

For the sake of the IPSE game we are using a mutual fund model, in that we are bundling each party's politicians, advocacy groups, pundits and results from national polls into one fund that represents that party's collective value at that level.

At this time there will only be two funds, one representing the Republican/Conservative Party the other the Democratic/Liberal Party at each level of government.   

For you the investor this provides you with the opportunity to safely take advantage of the collective upward or downward trends of a political party while continuing to play the high stakes game of trading individual stocks.  As with individual stock a fund has a base value of $100 dollars however in order to hit the ground running we have will provide an opening price that reflects the day's value.

We also believe the introduction of funds to the game will allow newcomers to better understand the game as well as provide a way for partisans to put their money where their mouths are.  

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