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Thursday, July 22, 2010

IPSE Collects the Last Thoughts On the Black Expo

OBSERVATIONS:  We just wanted to do a quick round-the-block tour of the blogosphere to make sure we didn't leave any scattered thoughts unreported out there and to see if there was any general concensus on lessons learned.

Of course we can't leave this topic without getting getting the always provacative Gary Welsh of Advance Indiana (ADIN)  (and let's just say he had ALOT to say about this) and of course his nemesis Amos Brown (ABWN) this post was particulalry hard-hitting and worthy of public discussion .  Needlesss to say we weren't disappointed.  Bart Lies (BLIE) also weighs in  as does Ruth Holliday (RUHO), and we must acknowledge that she still has that biting wit.   

Here's our take on the issue.  Black Expo got exactly what it asked for through a marketing plan designed to target and motivate youths who have "bling" in their everyday vocabulary to come downtown.  These youths did and Saturday night brought the dividends of Black Exp's marketing efforts. This isn't a racist statement its the applied logic of cause and effect.  Having said that, here's our suggestion:

1) We believe if Ms. Bell targets her marketing efforts specifically to familes, then it will be families that will attend not a bunch of baby-faced neanderthals (our tribute to Amos Brown) 

2) The Mayor needs to dump the deadweight of downtown bigwigs on the taskforce and replace them with individuals with community ties that are not on the government payroll or influence. We think there are quite of few parents who can add both insight and value to any planned discussion on how to appeal to families. 

Mayor if you want to run the City like a business then you need to think like a businessman. When marketing to a specific customer it helps to get their opinions as opposed to group of blackberry carrying bean-counters in finance. Okay, we said our part now here's our scores.


UP:  ADIN $140, BLIE $105, ABWN $120, RUHO $105



  1. Agreed on the ridiculous task force. It reeks of a plan that came from the hell of middle management.

  2. Well said Indy! These are the same people at the table before the incident happened what makes them think that anything original will be developed? And why have an African-American as Deputy Mayor of Neighborhoods is he can't take this project on? What a waste of a paycheck. Ballard's could put an effective team together even if he was doing a intra-squad scrimmage.

  3. This task force is one of the worst ideas ever, just a way to say the did something. We will have the same problems at Expo next year.

  4. Excellent advice, ipse. Have a great weekend, and don't let the barbarians get you down. Defeating them is the war we have to win if the next generation is going to have a chance to live free.