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Friday, July 23, 2010

IPSE to Andre Carson: We Have An Explaination!

OBSERVATIONS:  Well this is what happens when you run with the wrong crowd.  Now we reported on this a while back and to be honest we were quite kind. Advance Indiana has another blurb on the Congressman Carson's apparent pretense of engaging in a cell phone call in order to avoid asnwering a reporter's questions. Not good.  There's also this piece posted yesterday by Larry O'Conner that openly challenges Congressman Andre Carson and indicates that he now has received national attention from his 5 minutes of fame during the healthcare debates earlier this year. And like most ill-conceived ideas, its a gift that keeps on giving.   At some point the Congressman will need to get on the air locally and nationally to clean up this "misunderstanding" or risk a credibility gap that will only continue to grow. 

Now in defense of the good Congressman we heard that Winnie the Pooh's homeboy was in the audience and someone may have recognized him and gave him a shout out. We would say this theory can be proven with the same amount of evidence as the Congressman has shown to support his position.  We have reached out to the inhabitants of the 100 Acre Woods subdivision to verify this story and will keep you posted. 

So what does this mean for his campaign for the 7th CD?  Absolutely nothing as long as the congressional district map remains unchanged and GOP Marion County Chairman Tom John and Lacy Johnson share the same executive bathroom at Ice Miller. Unfortunately there's still a price to pay for rookie mistakes like these and here's the bill.

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  1. It's just a matter of time before Gary Welsh starts demanding to see Congressman André Carson's birth certificate also...

  2. Obviously Andre Carson feels he owes his constituents zero accountability for his actions. I found it to be the height of arrogance and rudeness that he would get on his cell phone and ignore a citizen's questions.

    But then Andre Carson doesn't have to be polite or accountable to us, for as you shrewdly point out, Lacey Johnson and TOJO share a urinal at Ice Miller.

  3. Ok...was this a citizen or a person working for whatever right wing "news organization"?

    When also are you guys going to attack Sharron Angle for dodging the mainstream media in Nevada?

    Could Andre have handled this differently, probably, but at least it was better than the "WHO ARE YOU...WHO ARE YOU...WHO ARE YOU?" guy from North Carolina.

  4. Oh...and with the advent of all different sorts of cameras these days, I don't blame members of Congress being skeptical of folks.

  5. Good points Jon. Members of the press are citizens. The guy asked a good question. A question a lot of us would like an answer to.

    This is reality. When you sign up for PUBLIC office, you CONSENT to be the submissive servant to the people.

    If you want to be the boss, then don't go into public service and take taxpayer money.

    That means you answer their damned questions...ALL OF THEM...not just the softball questions from the controlled media.

    The only time I've ever seen a politician avoid questions is when they are clearly working AGAINST the will of the people.

  6. Melyssa, I disagree, to an extent, on "This is reality. When you sign up for PUBLIC office, you CONSENT to be the submissive servant to the people.".

    There's always been a debate in representative government. Should representatives vote their personal beliefs or what their constituents believe? Ideally, the person elected REFLECTS most of the majority political opinions in the district. But there will always be issues where that doesn't necessarily hold true.

    This is not a defense of Carson. He's rarely, if ever, voted the way I'd like.

    But I also see where Jon is coming from. I haven't watched the video yet, so I won't say anything about the specific incident now. But I've seen more than a few videos of citizens asking questions where they aren't really asking questions, but ranting, and it's clear that no answer from the politician will ever please them.

    That said, Carson's behavior so far in this incident hasn't been good. If he didn't have prove, he should've just stayed quiet. We already have enough embarrassments in the Indiana group to begin with.

  7. I find it odd that elected officials spend a year running for office and after elelected run away from thier constituents. Listen, he wasn't forced to run for office by gunpoint. Nor was he chased with a pitchfork. The guy wants to ask him a question. When queries are considered assaults the we are in real trouble.

  8. "but, but, what about (fill in the blank). They did it too." Always a good defense for children and political synchopants.

  9. Soon asking a politican questions in public and filming them will soon be against the law - and a Hate Crime if they are AAfrican-American.

  10. IPSE,

    All I can say is you can take a story and even have a loyal Democrat like myself laughing aloud (with the door closed of course). I'm still a Carson supporter but this is something I hope can be put to rest as quickly as possible. I can imagine that he was just caught up in the moment with the House leadership. Smart? Not hardly. A political derailer? Not even close.

  11. I've seen the video, and the cameraman asked it in a very respectful way. Good for him. Bad on Carson.

  12. The Democrats are accusing the Republicans of being white racists, making up some facts, and the Republicans are accusing the Democrats of being black racists, and also fudging some. So predictable.

    Thanks for calling out Carson, ipse.

  13. amen Marycatherine.