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Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Hot Mess In the Ole' Town Last Night.

OBSERVATIONS: We lead off this bundle of bodacious blogging with the a re-cap of last's night's Ievenattheage of18Istilldon'tknowhowtoactinpublic at Indiana Black Expo last night.   Abdul over at Indiana Barrister (INBR) does a good job providing us a blow-by-blow account and Advance Indiana (ADIN) reminds us that this isn't the first time.  He also followes up with this between-the-eyes post.

Meanwhile Democratic Mayoral Candidate Jose Evans (JEVNS) is first out of the box to dicuss what could the defining issue in the 2011 Mayoral election - crime and IMPD/community relations.  While he may have been a little out fo his field of expertise with the waterdeal, this issue has the ability to garner the grassroots support in the primary (something we think Melina Kennedy may not be able to do) and provide Ballard with a very serious non-conventional challenger.

We will give credit where credit is due. Mayor Ballard (GBAL) and Public Safety Director Frank Straub (FSTRA) will get a boost in value for hitting the streets last night and showing leadership that has up to now, well be a little scarce.  We will also introduce a new mutual fund in our next post that we hope will make this experiment a little more interesting.  More to come in a bit, meanwhile here's our take:


UP: GBAL $90, JEVNS $130, FSTRA $95,  INBR  $160, ADIN $135


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  1. Is it true that there was just one shooter, a fourteen year old, and that all of the victims were youth? That fact is very concerning, and should be studied.l