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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Political Popourri: The Latest In Bone Head Moves!

OBSERVATIONS:  We are focusing on bonehead moves today.

First up. Ms Bell, please, please tell us there's no truth in this post by Paul Ogden (OGPL) stating that you hired a PR firm to assist you in addressing last week's nightmare.  Quite frankly we're not sure which is more pathetic for an organization with the track record and name brand of Indiana Black Expo:
1) Having to hire a PR firm,
2) Hiring a PR firm that didn't have the insight to hire at least one African-American or
3) Taking advice from one of the most inept mayors on community relations Indianapolis has ever had? 

I mean come on the guy couldn't even get enough people to applaud him at your event. Were you even paying attention?

Ms Bell. Sistergirl, here's a newsflash. IBE's origins are grassroots and community-based, not corporate. Our advice is to dump the PR firm and use that money to outfit your staff in a pair of Nikes and clipboards, hit the streets and re-connect with your customers.  Maybe Amos Brown (ABWN) can help you engage the community at more than just a flyover level.

Go to the barbershops, beauty shops, church meetings, libraries and local parks. Meet with those you want to buy your product. This isn't rocket science. And finally please don't listen to a Mayor who has an African-American Deputy Mayor that states "If the Mayor wants me to wash windows for this kind of money, that's what I'll do!"

Indianapolis Times has the latest on Carl Brizzi (CBRZ). As you know this "stop motion train-wreck on a man" has a stock value of zero on our board so we reflect this latest bit on news as part of the NQAI - the local GOP mutual fund.  Unfortunately, at least for this week the local GOP leadership are no stronger together than they are apart.

On a national level things aren't looking good for HopeandChange (HoCha) mutual funds as this lastest issue sucked up 5 days of natioanl airtime from what should have been another policy accomplishment of the Obama adminstration.  Also Mr. Rangel's tax escapades will wreck havoc in the next few weeks on Democratic messaging if he doesn't step down soon. As unemployment continues to remain periously high, breaks in the ranks of the Democrats concerning extending the Bush taxes cuts will significantly eroded this mutual fund. 


UP:   OGPL  $210,  ITIM $130, NoSa $110, ABWN $130

DOWN:  GBAL $110, NQAI $70, HoCha $60, OWMS $70


  1. Great post as always, IPSE. Have a great weekend!

  2. A liitle hard on Ms. Bell aren't you IPSE?

  3. Ms. Bell started the whole "IBE had nothing to do at all with the shooting" talking point. With that and the horrible "task force" formed, I don't think anyone could be too hard on her.

  4. Tonya is bright but not very experienced. Her demeanor was defensive and short-sighted and followed the same modus operandi as most half-ass politicans. Form a committee/task force of well-knowns who will meet periodically to exchange recipes and at the last minute develop a list of "to-dos" that could have been done by a couple of college interns. What a waste.

  5. Ms Bell deserves a calling out, I'm not sure about Olgen Williams. I'm still puzzled by that choice. Wasn't he supporting bart Peterson in 2007. i do remember his interview on WTHR and in the backgroud was a photo of Peterson over his shoulder. Someone please explain.

  6. becki, I'm not sure of who he supported in 2007 (though I wouldn't be surprised if he DID vote for Peterson). Reading through old entries of Gary Welsh's blog, he got a pardon from President George W. Bush (previously convicted for stealing while working at the Post Office). He also had some controversy surrounding his property tax payment which you can read about here (

  7. Olgen Williams was not Ballard's (Joe Loftus) first or even second choice. Tony Kirkland was interviewed but turned it down because he didn't know the community. Olgen was picked because they wanted someone who they thought could connect with the urban preachers and would not come across too smart or sophisticated (their words not mine). They also wanted someone who would be happy just being on the 25th floor and follow orders as without question. Ballard wasn't thrilled with this decision because he knew Olgen told everyone in Haughville that Ballard didn't have a chance however Ballard had already signed the contract giving B&T control over the Transition process. I think privately he regrets that move however he doesn't dare admit it now Joe has sucked all the independent thought right out of him.

  8. Makes sense Markie. And if that is the case I imagine that Ballard's days are numbered. Regardless of who runs for office R or D you need to have members on your team who can mutlti-task in terms of talking to various constituencies. If Olgen can't talk to African-Americans or southsiders, northsiders and downtowners what good is he? At least Goldsmith has John Hall and Peterson had Campbell. Ballard has who? Marcus Barlow a decent enough buy is gone. The minority contract guy embarrassed himself at Butler University when he butchered a proclamation to Eric Dyson. Jeez, no wonder he recieved such a tepid response last week at the Expo luncheon, he has absolutely no one on his staff that can deliver a message and Lord knows he's no public speaker. Which begs the question will Mark Miles answer Joe Loftus's call to run in the GOP primary after Ballard decides to spend more time with the family?

  9. Sadly you're right markie, this crew interpets "connecting to the black community" as someone who has broken english, talks slang, over dresses and under performs. Because Ballard is such a weak leader (his book notwithstanding) he allows himself to be surrounded by average and below average talent. Loftus and Grand like it because unlike Goldsmith, Ballard has no policy ideas thus must rely on them for direction. Therein lies his weakness. Without a basic foundation understanding the community or public policy he cannot thing on his feet. When you surround yourself with a staff that has the same weakness and are charismatically challenged you are opperating on borrowed time. I will be surprpise if he runs for a second term, let alone win. What do you think IPSE?

  10. sorry i meant "think on his feet"

  11. sadly both Joe and Bob think Ballard is a joke. They let it slip from time to time that working in this adminstration has been the easier money they've ever earned.

  12. The fact is that the PR frim of Borchoff is directly connected to the Mayor. She was called on Sunday morning and they had a contract done by noon the day following the shootings. What I dont understand is why she hired an all white PR firm and then just kept saying stupid things.

    Myra is smart, she saw instant cash, now she is husteling to find a black person to hire for the IBE account. There are lots of Black PR people in Indy and several firms that have Black employees, however they are not in the Mayor bag of tricks. he gives no bid contracts to his sons PR firm, now he gives more business to his friends.

    The IBE hired a firm that has no Black people working for it.Incredable.Mrs. Bell, you are not a very politicaly smart woman. Im sure that the concernd clergy will love this one.You basicly told the black community that you are not good enough to work with the IBE if you are black.

    FYI, Mrya is interviewing black PR folks today if any one is interested. But according to Tanya Bell if your black your not qualified to work on the IBE business.