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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Paul Ogden Fought The Law....And Won!

OBSERVATIONS:  Paul Ogden (OGPL) is growing into a pretty good giant-slayer as his latest target presiding traffic court Judge William Young.  His work in and out of the courtroom he has caught the attention of the Indiana Commission of Judicial Qualifications and could lead to some pretty heavy sanctions against judge Young.  Not bad for a guy who takes hits from other like-minded bloggers in stride.  He does a pretty interesting analysis of Mayor Ballard here, here and here.  As a result we think that the 25th floor shouldn't take this guy too lightly.

And if you mesh this with Indy Democrats take on Mayor Ballard well...let's just say his re-election is not a slam dunk. 


UP:   OGPL $200, IDEM $140



  1. I couldn't agree more, IPSE. Thanks for noticing Paul's contributions on this issue.

  2. IPSE, If I say "Miles Brand" what words come to mind.

  3. Short, short list for Mayor in 2011.

  4. hmm, so at the last possible chance Ballard steps down to late for any R candidate to gather enough funds to make a bid, GOP "scrambles" to find a candidate, Miles reluctantly steps up to the plate. Sounds plausible.

  5. Paul is a very interesting fellow. I cannot quite figure him out. But I honestly think that he is a guy who cares about the constitution and fairness in our community.

    His battles with fellow blogger and wanna be radio personality are great. I hope that they continue.

    Keep it up Paul. Now if you could only have the balls to go afer TOJO, I would back you for Mayor in a heart beat.

  6. If someone qualified and principled wanted really badly to be mayor, they should talk to the Libertarians.

    People all over are sick to death of the cesspool that is the Marion county GOP and the Marion County Democrat Party.

  7. IPSE, Check out this article from yesterdays Sunday Star by Mr. Ike Randolph. I think it hits the nail on the head and I bet it didn't take a committee of 20 to write it. What do you think?

  8. Oops sorry forgot the link.

  9. Oops forgot to provide the link

  10. @ Joyce

    One of the better messages we've heard so far and certainly heads and shoulders above Councilor Bill Oliver's conspiracy nonsense. It will be interesting to see if any member of the IBE Task Force has the common sense to include his comments.