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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

IPSE Reports: Shamus Goes Down As Ballard And Co. Goes Up!

OBSERVATION:  In what has turned out to be a great piece of community/police collaboration the alleged Black Expo shooter went from doing the "wobble" to doing the perp walk today.  While we have no pity on this "gangsta wannabe" we can't help but wonder what was his mother thinking when she named him "Shamus". Never ones to leave unaswered questions for our audience we decided to do a little investigating and this is what we discovered.   We think moms was either an oldschool gamer, had a serious crush on Burt Reynolds or she was using the proper name for a certain sea critter.
We guess someone will need to ask her at his arraingnment today which answer is closest.  In the meantime we give big boosts to Mayor Ballard (GBAL), Public Safety Director Straub (FSTRA) and the AmenCorner (AMCO) for a job well done.


UP:  GBAL $120, FSTRA $115, AMCO $140 


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