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Monday, July 19, 2010

IPSE Introduces New Mutual Fund: The AmenCorner!

OBSERVATIONS:  In light of the  re-emergence of the Black Minsterial Alliance, Concerned Clergy and others as a result of the Brandon Johnson story we've decided create a mutual fund specifically for local religious leaders.  The AmenCorner represents the collective African-American pastors from this to this (Rev. Charles Harrison) and all points in between. 

So why create a fund for these guys? Simple we think that IMPD/Community relations could play a significant role in the upcoming municipal elections. Unlike past Republican mayors in the past Mayor Greg Ballard  (GBAL) doesn't have a 10% voter cushion to insulate himself against the machinations an organized and vocal African-American community (specificaly black churches).  We believe that this particular adminstration has little room for error and if they want a second term having a non-combative relationship with the black community is absolutely necessary.

This has been the traditional role of the Deputy Mayor's position however we've yet to see Ballard deploy Deputy Mayor OlgenWilliam (OWMS) in any meaningful way or Williams use his existing talents and networks to strengthen these relationships. 

We understand that Ballard has scheduled a sitdown meeting with these pastors so as a results we open the fund with a very strong number as the first step to influencing public policy is securing a seat at the table .

We will also raise Mayor Ballard's stock for having the foresight to head off political problems before they begin. Of course it remains to be seen what the outcomes of this little powwow will bring.  Bottom line, if the politicans don't get this solved you can kiss downtown business profits, Black Expo's future success, and the 2012 Super Bowl goodbye.


UP: AMCO $120, GBAL $100



  1. good idea IPSE! You guys really are innovative when it comes to blogging. I do hope the trading aspects takes off soon.

  2. Anonymous, you can help getting it started by Following IPSE and trading on trading days. I'm currently the only one trading. My investment in BLIE paid off, as well as ADIN. MDAN's stock is sitting idle at the moment, but you never know if it'll pick up again next time he speaks at some GOP Elite Convention or something of the sorts.

  3. Hey Indy Student,

    Do you think you could provide us with your portfolio update (gains/losses) we'd like to do a post on you. A photo/logo would be helpful as well. Just send it via email.

  4. Head honcho,

    Certainly. Give me 48 hours.

  5. My feeble Democratic mind can't grasp the trading process. Then again, I am not very you all have seen from reading my blog.

  6. IPSE, we've got Senator John Cornyn who literally said "George Bush's stock is going up."

    Sounds like he's practically calling for IPSE to judge him!

  7. Aw come' on Jon, we designed it to work like fanatasy football. Our only problem is we can't simplify it further without a real test run. Just give it a shot.

  8. @ISTUD,

    We find it hard to take the Congressman seriously after he publically admitted that he didn't understand laws he voted on.

  9. Re your last sentence post prediction, ipse, pretty strong words. This certainly is not the Indianapolis of my youth.