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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Did Andre Carson Hear What He Thought He Heard?

OBSERVATION:  Sometimes it best to leave well enough alone, especially if you can't can't keep it simple or the facts aren't on your side. In this case its about the alleged (to this date there is still no video or audio proof) that during their walk through a crowd of teaparty protesters on the Hill at which time the n-word was not yelled once or even twice but fifteen times -with no audio or video recording.  Several accounts (here, here and here) have continued to report on the Congressman Carson's assessment of Tea Party protesters.

Now far be it for any of us to call Congressman Carson a liar (after all we represent both parties in our little group) however we are finding it a bit of a stretch that all three congressmen heard what could only be classified as a chant  and arrived at the magical number of "fifteen" times as opposed to claiming say "numerous" times.

Secondly, in the modern world  of camera phones, pocket video cams and youtube there isn't one, not one single piece of recorded evidence to support their claim. Again, we're not saying that someone's lying however the truth appears to be stretched like a pair of spandex on sumo wrestler's ass.





  1. wow ipse! you're taking on the Congressman? Better watch out, like Obama he doesn't handle criticism well.

  2. @anon 750,

    we stand by our analysis. This event was not a "March on Selma" for the simple reason that the Congressmen/woman deliberately took a path through the crowd to provoke a verbal reaction not to demonstrate for civil rights. We can't hard to believe that these lawmakers didn't have spotters in the audience in anticipation of hearing a racial slur and to get the slur on tape. The fact that it wasn't heard speaks volumns. With that many witnesses, and cameras it should be easy to prove one way or another and if it wasn't said it should have not part of any lawmaker's public statements. It was sloppy miscalculation than undermines the Congressman's credibility especially as a relatively newbie on Capitol Hill.

    And the moral of the story? If you are going to play the race card make sure you don't use a marked deck.

  3. I just lost all respect for this blog - and I think everyone should be subject to criticism, even Carson. But you call this bipartisan? Why are the referenced sites insinuating Carson is a liar the conservative ones? The only one that doesn't is just old and the preliminary report about the incident. People are in such defense of the race card because they can't face the truth. The truth hurts - and I'm white. The Tea Party people have double standards all the time - saying thier Patriotism should not be questioned even though they don't support "ObamaCare" when they have attacked my patriotism daily - been called unpatriotic because I support a good quality of life for everyone, or what they call "socialism". They really need to read the definition and some history. They are so focused on their own beliefs and perspective that of course they weren't being racist (in their minds). If it wasn't intended then it didn't happen in their world, regardless of the impact on others. Really, post something worthwhile about politics, and stop contributing to the hype.

    And what is up with the disgusting sumo wrestling photo by Carson's head? Seriously?

  4. anon 845,

    we've beat the crap out of a host of Republicans (Brizzi and Tom John etc..) for the last few months and not once has anyone sounded as manically defensive as you have on one little post. Again nothing you've written contradicts the facts as they are presented. We are snarky but fair. This is not a policy blog it is for an experiment in political fun. If you want a synchophantic Carson follower (or any other elected official) you need to look elsewhere. We measure politic and politicians in a unique and fun way and we will not apologize for it.

    We take neither ourelves or the people we write about too seriously. We suggest for your own health and well being that you begin to do the same otherwise these incoherent defensive rants this early in the morning will send your blood pressure thrugh the roof and you to the hospital. And for the record the sumo's photo is explained in the last sentence of the post.

    We are more than happy to update the posts with any links that show tea party protesters actually using the n-word during the time in question.

    I do hope this clarifies the post for you.

  5. so anon 845 if Obamacare is such a great thing perhaps you can help Congressman Carson explain why he and his family are exempt from the program?

    I don't care if you are purple with yellow dots only weakminded individuals think socialism is a good thing for a free society. Funny how liberals want to provide everything to everyone using other people's money.

    And for the record I'm white as well so cut the group identity crap.

  6. "good quality of life" from the government. Methinks anon 812 is a upper class white liberal who has never partaken of the quality of pulbic housing, public foodstamps, public transportation. Its funny how liberals will never subject themselves to what they want the poor to embrace nor can the defend their special brand of bigotry (you need me to survive because you're to (insert) to do for yourself.

  7. Nancy Galton is quite misinformed: Congressman Carson (like any Federal government employee) is covered by the Healthcare Bill. Back when the Public Option was being considered, some folk tried to make it a peculiar requirement that Congresspeople (unlike any other citizen) would be required to be in the Public Option. This amendment was defeated. So was the entire Public Option so the entire question is moot. Still, the urban myth of exempt-Congresspeople persists...

  8. ftom

    But Rep. Mike Pence (R-Ind.), who condemned the reported slurs in a March 21 CNN appearance, told me that he still believes the story.

    "A couple of weeks before the alleged incident occurred, I was walking across the bridge in Selma, Ala., with John Lewis," said Pence. "I take at face value what John Lewis said. If John Lewis said he heard it, I believe he's a man of integrity. And I would denounce those kinds of statements in the strongest possible terms."

  9. Wilson,

    He said "If John Lewis said her heard it,".

    Again Pence couldn't site any source beyond Lewis. That the point being made here, the absence of evidence.

    Odd that the only time you would speak favorable about Rep. Pence is when he can somehow validate your twisted logic.

    Now for your point against Nancy. The fact that the option it was voted down in a Democratic led congress proves her point. They refused to be govern by laws they pass for the benefit of everyone else. Just like when it comes to sending their kids to private schools but preventing the poor and minorities from using vouchers.

  10. Ipse, FWIW I think you guys run a fair and hilarious blog. While all of our local blogs have a certain political allegiance to a politcal philosophy, party or even person 9sometimes painfully so) only your blog seems to toss all of those out the window. No one is safe from your guys stock analysis and that's what makes it well worth the read. Keep it up!

  11. Interesting you should bring this up now. Be sure to read my blog tomorrow for my take.

  12. @jon. sometimes we wait for an issue to mature before we offer our take and analysis. this was one of those issues. we'll be sure to check out your post.

  13. ipse...I wasn't disagreeing with you taking up the issue now. I have had a post written since Sunday (but breaking news keeps coming up) on the issue. It's due to post at midnight. It's just interesting that you posted it. That was what I meant. You're entitled to your opinion for sure on the issue. There's no wrong answer.

  14. @jon, no offense taken at all. we just took the opportunity in response to your comment to provide an answer for those who wonder why some topics we here are addressed immediately and why others are delayed a bit. as you know the shelf-life on a particular issue can vary from days to months. As for our personal take we are a mish-mash of the political spectrum thus its impossible to take offense to those who may share a differing view of individual post.

  15. Wondering if the folks who started the Bartlies website, will soon be doing an Andrelies one.