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Friday, June 11, 2010

IPSE Welcomes Two Oldies But Goodies To the Board: Rev. Mmoja Ajabu and Rev. Lionel Rush

OBSERVATION:  For the last few days we've kept our eyes on the IMPD police brutality story and the various opinions herehere and here.  We take this time to introduce to the board to religious leaders to the IPSE board, Rev. Mmoja Ajabu (AJBU) and Rev. Lionel Rush (RUSH).  Now these two community activists are well-known for being a thorn in the side of Indianapolis mayors over the last few decades.  We're not sure yet how much influence they still have in the community however, it should be interesting to watch as we enter into the 2011 municipal elections.

One factoid we find noteable is the background of the lead attorney for Brandon Johnson, Mr. Stephen Wagner. We think it will be interesting to see how Mr. Johnson's attorney Stephen Wagner a former partner with Riley Bennett & Egloff, (which has significant ties to the Ballard adminstration ) will navigate through these political straits.  We imagine that an out of court settlement is in the works right now to put this story to rest before the end of the summer.


UP:  AJBU $100, RUSH $100



  1. Lest not forget AJBU's son assisted in the murder of three people in Carmel. Therefore the term "Community Activist" has more than one meaning. Between that and his anti-white speech of several years ago, he really does not merit a minute of anyone's time.

  2. I would like to see the educational background that qualifies either of these two men to be ministers. It is time to end this practice of just saying that "I am a minister" and that makes it so. Why not say "I am a heart surgeon" or "I am an attorney".

  3. But re the IPSE prediction of a out-of-court settlement by the end of the summer, darn tooting right, or as someone else might say, you betcha.