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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

While Its Still Early, Brian Williams Separates From the Pack!

OBSERVATIONS: While we admit that it is much too earlyto peg a frontrunner for the Democratic nominee for 2011 mayoral election, Brian Williams (BWMS) has separated himself from the pack with his analysis of the Ballard adminsration's water transfer deal. Several bloggers here, here, and here from across the political spectrum have weighed in and all of them side with Brian on this one.

Not sure if this will be the issue that makes or breaks Mayor Ballard however for some insiders its like a roll in catnip for some political felines. While we respect the fact that Jose Evans was the first to raise attention to the Veiola deal, Brian was able to use his legal talents and connections to make it his own. 


UP: ADIN $115, BWMS $135, ITIM $100, IPOPA $155

DOWN: GBAL $80, MKEN $100, JEVN $100


  1. Ipse, I do think you screwed over Jose just a bit. What say you?

  2. I think they did, but for good reason. His criticism of the water deal, as I heard him speak a couple weeks ago at a Pike Township forum, was more along the lines of grandstanding rather than researched, factual basis.

  3. @ vince,

    We like Councillor Evans however on this issue he was outflanked by Williams. Kennedy cannot seek an advantage because of her law firm's participation in the deal and well Gibson is off the radar on this one. The key will be if this issue is the for the election. Personnally we have our doubts this will be a mainstay for the 2011 election year.

  4. Melina Kennedy is focusing more on vision for the future. Williams is doing great work on this issue, but it's pretty much a done deal. He should move on to something more substantive now.

    Kennedy is holding forums, discussing issues, and listening to the community. Williams, to me, comes off as intelligent, but I think he's out of touch with the everyday citizen of Indy.

  5. So far, I love the guy and I can't stand the democrats! He's winning me over.

  6. Anonymous 2:43...Hello? I am the everyday citizen. Kennedy alienates me. Williams, makes me have an open mind to a democrat.

  7. Former R, now ind. I am looking at both of these candidates and keeping open mind. One of them will be next mayor and the kennedy-williams fight will be epic for the office. Ballard, well he blew his chance.