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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

IPSE's Make Up or Break Up #4: Bob Cockrum and Ryan Vaughn

OBSERVATION: Today's Make Up or Break Up illustrates the perennial-old battle between youth and age.  In this case its the young Turk Ryan Vaughn and the Old Bull Bob Cockrum. 
As we have mentioned before in earlier posts, Ryan has had a meteoric rise to power on the council. One day he's sitting on the back row, the next day he wielding the gavel. Go figure.  On the other side is the silver-haired sage Bob Cockrum.  He has weathered many of debates on the floor with the tempermant of someone who has seen it all and remembers most of it.  So as Cockrum sits on the iceberg of politics floating off into the cold ocean of oblivion, we ask its this the end?  Will Ryan push or pull Bob's iceberg?  Will Bob go quiety or offer solutions to his young successor? You be the judge.

All you need to do is cast your vote using the agree/disagree buttons at the bottom of each posts if you believe there will be any reconciliation between the selected individuals. If you think our political couple will start over press "agree".  If you think that things are forever broken then press "disagree". Remember the power is in your hands. It is up to you to see if all is lost between the May/December romance.


  1. Ryan only does what his fellow attorney butt buddy Tojo tells him to do. You really need to be asking TOJO about this situation, Ryan is nothing but TOJOS mouthpiece.

  2. Of course, Bob Cockrum would be disappointed not to serve another term as CCC president. He performed admirably during his tenure, but a change was needed. Due to his many years in the political arena, I'm sure Bob has come to understand that "you win some, you lose some". He is too much of a gentleman to openly display any negative feelings towards Ryan that he may privately hold.

  3. Yes, I don't know if their positive relationship on the Council is forever broken. What do you think, ipse?

  4. Ryan Vaughn has been President of the Council for a while now. Bob is a good man. He's a party guy, and he will do anything the Republicans wish for him to do.

  5. I guess what I'm saying is the post is written as if this just happened, but it did not.

  6. Let's move on, folks. There's nothing here of interest.
    IPSE-give us something juicy.