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Monday, June 7, 2010

IPSE Salutes Congressman Andre Carson's New Focus On Foreign Affairs

OBSERVATION: We were surprise to read that Indianapolis native Congressman Andre Carson (ACAR) is weighing in on the increasing tension in the middle east between the Israelis and the Arab world.  To our knowledge not since Lee Hamilton has a Democrat congressman spoke out specifically on issues involving overseas conflicts with such  authority, and certainly we don't recall his grandmother the late Julia Carson focusing on foreign affairs to any great extent.

Now most of you readers know that he sits on the Financial Service Committee and if you're like us you are wondering how far is he willing to follow through on his public statement and to what degree does his committee assignment facilitate an investigation?  In the meantime we give the Congressman the benefit of the doubt that he will put deeds to words and a little boost for weighing into troubled waters that stretch beyond the White River.


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  1. You guys are funny

  2. Seriously???

    I did not know it was April 1st already. If Hamas would simply stop lobbing rockets into Israel, and come to the table without conditions, there would not be a blockade.
    Andre Carson calling for an investigation is just typical of his past exhales of hot air.

  3. Oh please, dozens of members of Congress have weighed in re Israel's attacks on the flotilla, and this statement by my representative in Congress, is the only one that I have read or heard, with which I agree. If you dare to view what it is like in Gaza, watch the video, "Children of Gaza", found on line.

    BRAVO, Andre. Applause, applause. Stay strong. An American was murdered, and others were kidnapped, trying to take goods to the people of Gaza, most of whom are under the age of eighteen.

  4. I have to agree with Mary, and by proxy, Andre. What's sad is this might be the only thing I've ever agreed with, and it seems fairly logical. Instead of blindly jumping to Israel's defense, we should find out the facts of what happened.

  5. Mary and Student, I thought that you were both a lot smarter than this. It's politics and there is an election in November.

    I am willing to be that Andre has no idea where Gaza is nor does he realy care.

    I never figured you two to goose step along with the Premier and his body guard Andre

  6. Ipse, and all

    Kenneth O'Keefe, US Marine War Vet, peace activist aboard the Mavi Marmara, can be seen and heard, on line, about his ordeal. Another American vet that was captured with him, on international waters, on the way to Gaza, is Joe Meadors, who was a signalman on the USS Liberty, which boat was also attacked by Israel, in international waters, during June, 1967. He also can be read.

    An America Firster am I. I voted for Sean Shepherd for Congress, 7th District, and am very disappointed in Andre's refusing to support the American people's call for the Federal Reserve to be audited. He voted nay to the legislation authored by Cong. Ron Paul, and so far has not seen a bailout he didn't like.


  7. Anon 8:43,
    If you bothered to read mine (and Mary's) post, it's clear we don't agree on Andre much. So none of us are "Goose step[ping]". However, I'm not a partisan hack, so I have no problem criticizing or praising a politician, regardless of their past record or party affiliation.

    As for Andre doing election time pandering, it's clear by the amount of time most people dedicate to reading about international issues that the public doesn't pay it much attention. I doubt it's pandering, both because it's a horrible issue to pander on, and because I don't think he needs to pander at all. The 7th district is gerrymandered so Andre's chances of re-election are pretty high.

    I don't know who the Premier is. Is it Obama? You can talk about how anti-Israel he is, but he's upping the US' aid to Israel. All too often, Obama has defended, continued, and/or expanded upon the Bush era foreign policy, including policies on torture and detainment.

  8. The 7th CD is probably one of the least gerrymandered Districts in the entire country. In its basic form, it's been been around for decades since it represents the City of Indianapolis. Assuming no effort is deliberately made to break up the African-American community, any District drawn within Marion County would be safely Democratic. Folk will inevitably quibble about exactly where the boundaries may be but the current District is compact and maintains communities of interest.