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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Director Straub To Hold Press Conference On Use of Force Procedures

OBSERVATION:  In what most would consider a rare move from members of the Ballard Adminstration, Director Straub is taking the initiative to get in front of the latest police brutality allegation and in an effort to support better police/community relations, we wanted to pass this press release to you.


UP:  FSTRA $100, GBAL $90


The Public Safety Director and the Chief of Police will brief on IMPD’s Resistance Control Continuum, use of force, arrest procedures and techniques.

WHAT: Public Safety Director and Chief of Police, along with academy staff, will present a briefing on IMPD’s Resistance Control Continuum, use of force and arrest procedures and techniques for the representatives of the media, faith-based and community organizations.

WHO: Frank G. Straub Ph.D., Director, Public Safety, City of Indianapolis.

Paul R. Ciesielski, Chief of Police, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

WHERE: IMPD Police Academy – large gym

901 N. Post Road – entrance #9

WHEN: Thursday, June 3rd, 2010 at 12:00PM

Media Contacts: Sgt. Linda Jackson, 317.670.0644,

Maura Leon-Barber, 317.590.7844,

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