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Friday, June 11, 2010

IPSE Wants Your Photos!

OBSERVATIONS: We're thinking about augmenting the "Caption This" segment to our blog and sure could use your help. We would like to offer an invitation to you to submit your photos of our famous politicos and pundits you see at public functions. We know we're a bit late with this latest offer however tonight is Zoobilation where we a lot of movers and shakers strut their stuff as they walk and talk with the animals.  We're looking at this as a trial run for the the upcoming State Party Conventions and HobNob events later this year.  So if you want to be our eyes (and photo-finger) tonight we'd be mighty abliged.  Think of it as a political scavenger hunt

Good luck and happy hunting!


  1. You are ambitious, IPSE, yet discreet, lol.

  2. What ever the photo is the caption should be:

    " because Tom John said so "