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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Amos and Abdul Offer Opinions On the Black Community and Popo.

OBESERVATION:  Today we decided to provide a forum for the latest conversation on the latest alleged police brutality incident from last month.  For this particular post we present perspectives by two well-known Indianapolis African-American pundits. Both Amos and Abdul have wieghed in on the issue and we boost both of their stocks for offering to cover the range of opinions on this unfortunate occurrance. We'll let you readers tease out the truth. 


UP:  INBR $140,  ABWN $105



  1. IPSE,

    Sorry to bring this up here, but Abdul isn't black.

  2. So what you;re saying IPSE is that we have a choice between an elf-size backseat agitator locked in the 1960's or a step-n-fetch-it minstral performer from the 1860's to offer their views on African-American's relationship with law enforcement? Surely there are better adjunct spokespersons for your post. My suggestion is to go to your nearest black barbershop and you'll get better conversation on the issue than these two characters.

  3. Ms. Janice FranklinJune 8, 2010 at 4:59 PM

    Listen I'm by no means a fan of Amos however what I find amazing is that people like Abdul, who has had no presence in the African-American community acts like our moral compass.

    Sorry Abdul Hakim Shabazz driving through black neighborhoods on your way to the Columbia Club doesn't make you an authority any more than sharing skin color. Abdul you are a third-tier political pontificator with little knowledge of what some in our community are facing on a daily basis. My suggestion is to put you hips where your lips are. Otherwise stick to what you know, Star Trek and Superman analogies and leave the re-building of the African-American communities to those who are trying each and every day.

  4. I agree with both Calvin and Janice Franklin. Both Amos and Abdul have used the power of the press that their zionist corporate employers give them, to kick me around, but that is beside the point.

  5. ouch! my hat's off to you Ms. Franklin.

  6. so Ms. Franklin if not these two idiots who would you pick?

  7. An Abdul SupporterJune 10, 2010 at 11:27 AM

    Ms. Franklin,

    I think you owe Abdul a big apology, he sits on the PACE/OAR board which works with the re-entry of ex-offenders. Here's the proof -

    I'm waiittting...

  8. Sorry to burst your spitbubble there Abdul Supporter but Mr. Shabazz's presence on the PACE/OAR Board only came about from a failed attempt to install Christina Trexler (Tom John's former mistress/current wife) as Executive Director of PACE/OAR. Both Christina and Abdul convinced then director Williams that it would be a great fundraising coup to have him and her on the Board (GOP donors) when it reality it was only to provide Christina with a job. Unfortunately once installed she proved to be a terrible fundraiser like her husband (see MC GOP reports) and damn near sunk the organization with the loss of a major national donor. Want proof, call and ask the staff what they think about her leadership. Like always, nothing about Abdul or his cronies is ever on the up and up. It's always about trying to get something over on the "little people". Abdul will always be the stepandfetchit for Tom John and his ilk. The only thing missing is the Tom on stage with him in blackface.

  9. @valleygirl,

    My short list would include. Jeffery White, Barato Britt, Willis Bright, J.T. Ferguson, Leroy Robinson. The reason you might not recognize these names is because they are actually doing the work not just spewing soundbites scribbled on a bar napkin the night before. These are the true heroes we should be listening to, not some character who only exist to draw attention to himself regardless of how asinine and boorish he appears to the general public.