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Saturday, June 19, 2010

IPSE's LOL for the Day


  1. To that, I say...You're welcome!

  2. Besides obscurring his rear vision, this person shows the class of most of those who spend each day ranting about our president. Some people have not yet accepted the fact that we have an African American president. It also appears that he is displaying a license plate that says "In God We Trust" Such language for someone who claims to be religious.

  3. Comrad Jon and Anon 4:58, Once again your race baiting style holds no place in the minds of us who know the truth. Please show me where on the car/truck that it talks about being Afro American. It saying something about Voteing.

    Comrad, everytime you see the truth, you play the race card. How Socialist of you.

    Jon, you really need to worry about Tom John at this point.

  4. Voting is not spelled voteing.