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Thursday, June 3, 2010

IPSE Make Up or Break Up? #4: Amos Brown and Mayor Greg Ballard

OBSERVATION: Today's Make Up or Break Up choice was submitted by a one of our longtime readers. This one takes us back to the year 2007.

Let's reminence back to the first time these two love birds met. One was as a mountain of a man, an outsider running against the odds to be mayor of Indianapolis. The other a diminuative icon in Indianapolis with a voice that is heard across the black community.  There was an initial spark of interest as both eyed each other from across the table.  Now we know that even in our post-racial generation today, an interracial relationship is not the easiest thing to do and while efforts were made, so were missteps.  Unfortuneately it wasn't long before the mountain man, now Mayor, vowed never to speak to the tiny man with the big voice ever  again (forever ever? yes..forever ever). Our question for you is will this Ebony and Ivory couple ever see eye-to-eye over the radio microphones?   

All you need to do is cast your vote using the agree/disagree buttons at the bottom of each posts if you believe there will be any reconciliation between the selected individuals. If you think our political couple will start over press "agree". If you think that things are forever broken then press "disagree". Remember the power is in your hands. It is up to you to see if it is possible to spice up this salt and pepper relationship.


  1. Personally I would have been interested to see if Amos and Marcus Barlow or Ballard and Barlow would have made up? Now that would be a nice coversation.

  2. Amos brown is the mouth Piece for the Concernd clergy. After what TOJO and the Mayor did by putting a Hispanic in the position held by a black man, the CC did not like that at all.The CC will do what they have to do to make sure that Mayor Dum Dum is out of a job.

    Ballard is the mouthpiece for Tom John and Bob Grand. Soooooo.

    Maybe we sould have a MMA fight between Amos and Tom John. But Amost may want to make sure that he does not bend over in front of TOJO.

    It might remind TOJO of his days at Depauw...yes TOJO we know all about those days. There might even be some photos floating around out there.

    TOJO, BTW,There are cameras everywhere these days

    Karmas a bitch TOJO.

  3. Does TOJO have a thing for panties?

  4. What the hell? This went from ballard-brown to sex with tojo? I thought TOJO went to Purdue it says it on website, what happenned at Depauw? Dont think anyone cares about ballard versus anyone, he is not relevant much anymore.

  5. I do not know about his thing for panties. I do know about his thing for inviting people to swingers party with him and wife. It made the girl he asked sick and then she says next time out she got berated by his wife.

  6. He did go to Purdue, however the stories of him running around the Frats late at night at Depauw are legand.

    They get even better when he was at law school.

    As for the panties, you will have to ask Abdul about that. Abdul prefers a solid color while TOJO prefers a BI colored pair of panties

  7. My answer re this question, I have no idea.