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Thursday, June 10, 2010

On the Highway of Politics Ryan Vaughn Is In the Fast Lane!

OBSERVATIONS:  We've been keeping our eye on the rising star in the Republican Party in the person of Ryan Vaughn (RVHN) and quite honestly we are impressed. He wnet from a sitting on the backrow of the Council chambers to the Big Chair with cheetah-like speed (in honor of the Zoo's newest arrival). While he's taken his share of hits from both Republicans and Democrats detractors, he just keeps plugging along.  We also would be amiss if we didn't recognize the recruiting efforts of his advisors Barnes and Thornburg bigwigs Bob Grand (BGRN) and Joe Loftus (JLOF) who have done a stellar job in identifying and molding new political talent.  So what's the future hold for this soon-to-be B&T partner...can you say "Mayor Vaughn"?


UP:  RVHN $120, BGRN $110, JLOF $100



  1. Your Democrat and Republican links both link to Ogden's blog.

    As for Vaughn, I can't disagree more. He's a perfect fit for the council to help push legislation through for city insiders. He doesn't have a good track record of winning elections, so he'd do best to stay put.

    And as for his time as council president, I can't think of much he's helped push through that I agree with. Lots of tax increases in there. And his participating in the water utility sale despite the obvious conflict of interest is something that will be used in any city-county wide campaign against him. Especially in contrast to how Melina Kennedy is acting on the very same issue.

  2. Link corrected. Sorry about that.

  3. Vaughn got beat fairly easily by former Councillor (and always crazy) Scott Schneider for a State Senate seat vacancy not so long ago.

    Perhaps the "fast track" has a few brick walls built on it.

  4. @anon 2:28

    So what does that say about the current group of councilors, Dem or Rep.?

  5. Indy Student you are cute. Let me help you understand what's really going on. What is happening in this adminstration is no different than what happened in Peterson's first term. The deal is this: Melina Kennedy is being set up to fail. Treacy, Bob Grand and Loftus have a deal. Treacy gives token opposition to Ballard to keep up appearences and in return his law firm gets a piece of the pie. All of the law firms have similar agreements. Remember Peterson's the "no criticsm clause with former MC Chairman John Keeler? The same exists with Treacy only these guys were smart enough not to make it public.

    It doesn't matter who is the Democratic nominee they will not suceeed because the big money will not be there. It will be Greg Jordan all over again. Ballard's election was an anomaly that was exploited by B&T because they had been shut out by Bart for eight years and felt they had nothing to lose. Tom John had already cut a deal to make sure he nominated what would be considered the worse possible candidate, install HIS man as campaign manager then make sure he ccould track Ballard's progress and derail it if it became necessary. Ballard was told by Joe and Bob that all he needs to do is sit back and they would run everything, he'll leave after 2 terms set for life. He will do a second term because the major players have no reason to change things, they're still getting their contracts - and that's what really matters.

    So Indy Student this isn't about politics, it isn't about competency, its about lucrative public contracts going to a select group of law firms and Ballard signing the checks. Personally I do blame him, he was at best a mid-level manager more use to following orders than giving them, a terrible public speaker and only has a cursery knowledge of municipal government. This is the high watermark in his career and he's not going to give it up that easily.

  6. Danny's mostly right, I think. It's sad state of affairs in our city run by greedy self-serving sociopaths.

    I'm putting my money on the democrat (and outsider) Brian Williams for Mayor next time. I like everything I've seen from him so far.

    Ryan Vaughn is setting up regular downtown coffees with me beginning next week. I will post the details on HFFT blog. Anyone is welcome to join us.

    Some won't want to come, but I feel like I would be a hypocrite if I didn't talk to the Ryan when he extended an invitation. Besides, I don't think it is too late for Vaughn to turn off this path he's been led down.

    I don't think "the machine" has a way to deal with the very activists who elected Ballard when we purposely work against Ballard's re-election. Ballard's campaign team will be just as arrogant and clueless as Peterson's boobs. Watch.

  7. None of this really matters. The only thing that matters is what Tom John and Dave Brooks want to happen

  8. dannybaker, if you are trying to educate Indy Student, you should get your facts straight. Ed Treacy has made no secret deal to dump Melina in order to bring more money to his law firm. Ed Treacy is NOT even an attorney. so much for your credibility.

    Ryan Vaughn has so many conflicts of interest and hasn't gotten called on any yet but when he does, it won't be pretty.

  9. 1:36...Both Ogden and Welsh call out Ryan on the conflicts of interest.

  10. danny, you talk the talk, but you do it in such a condescending way that I don't really care what you think.

    Anon 1:36 is right. Treacy isn't an attorney and doesn't work for a law firm. He even said so recently in regards to Vaughn.

    As for "educating" me about the insiders, go read my blog and comments I make on toher blogs. I'm well aware of how this city works.

  11. ISTUD...I'll never forget you telling city council what is in the Constitution as they were voting to violate it and steal our money for the CIB's millionaire clients of B&T.

    That moment was priceless! Consider me a fan!

  12. ISTUD, I don't know about any secret deals between Bob Grand and Ed Treacy. However, Bose Public Affiars is a lobbying outfit. It is affilated with law firm Bose Mckinney Evans. BPA used to be called Bose Treacy. The lobbyists and attorneys interact whenever it suits their need to earn a profit. I don't know if Ed Treacy is still with Bose Treacy; but he was the named partner at one point.

  13. ISTID, same commentor as above. While on this topic, I wanted to put this out there. In the last six months I saw an advertisement in the IBJ for Ice Miller's lobbying branch. The advertisement had all their lobbyists posed together; some sitting on a couch. I never dawned on me until I saw the ad that Lacy Johnson and Carl Drummer are co-workers with Tom Johns. I used to think the political parties stood for something. Now they seem to be in come "political collusion." The "collusion" of course is to bill public entities: LOS, FSSA, Wash Twp Trustee, so on. Why can the parties not find a citizen-leader who is not in the business of lobbying/contracting?

  14. ISTUD, last post. I have met RVHN on more the one occasion. Overall, he comes off as a decent guy. Doesn't seem arrogant. To the contrary, he is very approachable. However, it is no secret he lobbies political bodies on behalf of business, he lobbies on behalf of MCPO, SoS and who knows what other agency. Lobbyists are in business of advocating their cause. He is making a name for himself as a lobbyist and politician. GOP'ers generally like him and won't call him to the mat. It won't be long before an enterprising Democrat, like Artfuggins, catches a conflict and causing the sand castle to crumble. As for RVHN being mayor: if Ballard could do it, literally anyone can be mayor. literally. I see no reason why he couldn't be mayor after 2 terms of Melina Kennedy.

  15. Anon, I'm sure Treacy has connections. It's just one of the previous posters at least implied he's an attorney. He isn't.

    Vaughn is shown as a registered lobbyist. I've read that elsewhere before.

    As for RVHN being Mayor, GBAL came in at the right time. This time, GBAL will have to actually work to get re-elected. RVHN will need to ride a similar wave, which I don't forsee happening.

  16. As far as my answer to the question about the future of the young Ryan Vaughn, council president, beats me.

  17. No, Danny, isn't right. It's a laughable premise. In 2008, Marion County was a 60-40 Democrat majority county. And the theory is that a Ballard victory is so ordained that the D's are going to throw token competition at him.

    The trouble with that theory is that a token candidate (which Kennedy clearly is not) could easily beat Ballard, even Ballard with lots of money. Ballard starts with maybe 45% of his base and he's alienated much, if not most, of his Republican base. You can't get to 50% by starting at 45% and subtracting.

    Oh, and Ryan Vaughn's political career is pretty much over on Election Night 2011. His carrying the water for the Ballard administration won't be a popular thing after Ballard is tossed out on his ear.

  18. Paul,

    You're an idiot. Tell me, what is it that makes you such a political genius? It certainly is not your election record.

    Sorry, someone had to say it.