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Friday, June 4, 2010

IPSE Suggests That Disabled Take A Stand In Airport Parking Increase

OBSERVATION:   We continue to shake our head in wonderment at the Ballard Aministration's total ineptness in policy management, specifically with regards to the political maxim "perception is everything".  According to Advance Indiana's post on the subject. Depending on how you care to view the issue an increase from $9 to $18 is a 100% markup or a increase long pass due. What we find remarkable is that while the IAA recoups some $280,000 in additional revenue in one hand they dole out millions (Paul Ogden post) in the other.  Now keep in mind that elected officials will still park for free. Now we aren't ones to snipe without solutions so here are our ideas.

1) All of you disabled individuals out there need to improve your art skills and apply for a grant from the City. Not only can you enhance the cultural atmosphere in Indianapolis you might be able make enough to cover the cost of parking next time you visit our airport...

2) Skip all of that artsy stuff and just run for office.

3) Ask the Mayor to adopt you and work for someone getting a City contract.


UP: ADIN $125,  OGPL $185

DOWN:  GBAL $70,


  1. Excellent points made with satire only you all can deliver.

    Good post.

  2. Agreed with Anon 10:03

    I know a few people who work in the field of disabilities and other needs. I might forward the Indy Star article on this, see what they think.

  3. Egads! I'm back as editor of HFFT! Please read open letter to city council president, Ryan Vaughn, posted tonight.

  4. The Mayor needs to walk a few extra steps anyway.He put on a bunch on his trip to Brazil and China...

  5. Great post, IPSE, and, also, glad to know you are back, HFFT.

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