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Friday, June 18, 2010

Brian Williams Drops Mayoral Bid...And Then There Were Three....

OBSERVATIONS:  In what could be the political shocker of the year, Democratic primary mayoral candidate Brian Williams (BWMS) has announced he is no longer running for mayor.  We find it a bit odd considering that many considered him a fresh face and better choice that heavily favored candidate Melina Kennedy.  Now we can't help but be a bit cynical at least for now and so we will keep our ears and eyes open to see what if anything Mr. Williams was offered to clear the path for Melina.  So where does this new development leave the remaining longshots Jose Evans and Ron Gibson? We'll leave that bit of speculation up to you folks.

And to Mr. Williams, good luck sir we unaimously beleive you would have been a worthy opponent for Mayor Ballard.


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  1. IPSE, How did you guys come up with no losers on this posting (someone in the DOWN category)

    It doesn't make any sense.

  2. @becki Yes it does if you believe the following:

    With Williams out (personally some of us beleive he was inticed not threatened to drop out)the support will be spread amongst the remaining three candidates going to Kennedy and Evans. Of the three Evans stands to gain the most if he plays his cards right. The Council Dems are trying to make the water deal a 2011 campaign issue however the establishment candidate (Kennedy) can't speak out against the water deal as her fingerprints and those of her firm are all over it. Evans has consistantly spoken out early and often and now that Williams has dropped out he can be the leading voice and expert. The council Dems have a problem, do they continue make noise and exposeg Kennedy's weakness and Evans strength or do they drop it and find another issue to run on that doesn't leave Kennedy without a voice. Ed Treacy wins because we feel that of the 3 Brian being an attorney and an outsider could have made for a very nasty and devisive primary. He now only needs to eradicate African-American candidate Jose Evans (we feel Gibson at this point is not a viable candidate) which could be an big issue if done in a heavy handed manner.

    Finally we think Ballard wins big now that Williams is out as Melina's firm is making a lot of money under the current mayor and doesn't want ot make the same mistake other firms have made in the past. For what its worth, Bob Grand and Joe Loftus have organized this matrix pretty well to insure that Ballard does get another term.

    That's our take.

  3. Political shocker of the year? Eh...not so sure about that. I think Souder's revelation about having an affair probably is a little bigger as well as the continued gift that keeps on giving in Carl Brizzi!

  4. Carl Brizzi is definitely the political shocker of the year and we will continue to hear more shocks from Brizzi and the sleaze that has occupied the Prosecutor's office. Anyone who follows local Dem politics knows that Brian Williams had NO chance of getting the nomination.

  5. I agree with anonymous 5:01 that the political shocker of the year concerns Brizzi, (and second was Souter, like Jon notes) and with ipse's comment, that Williams dropping out of the race for mayor, at this point, benefits Ballard. What with the Marion County Party machine and use of the internet and other media, being so powerful, no one other than a Black woman running for Judge, will likely beat the slate, it looks like Brian took the easy way out of the contest, for himself.

  6. corr: The word 'Democratic' should be inserted before the word 'Party' above. sorry for the oversight, and thanks.

  7. A Black woman running for judge whose last name begins with A or B.