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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

IPSE Ask: What Would Byrd Say?

OBSERVATIONS:  Yesterday the longest serving member of Congress Senator Robert Byrd died early Monday morning at the age of 92.  Out of respect for the office of Senator as opposed to the man, we will leave the comments up to you, however we couldn't help but wonder...what would happen if....


  1. as usual with sensitve topics Ipse you guys handled Byrd's death with grace and humor. You guys rock!

  2. "Father, forgive me for my many sins, especially the ones I committed while wearing the white robes and peaked hood of the KKK."

  3. Byrd has apologized over and over for his membership in the Klan as well as called it a mistake.

    If he is truly sorry, he will not have a problem if something like the pearly gates exist.

  4. Jon, Please, try and start making excuses for him. You need to try and start making excuses for your Comrad Carson who invited Rev Sharpton to Indy on the 11th to walk against the police brutality.
    You also might want to call Rev. Jackson. That wil be a site.

    Carson,Jackson and Sharpton, what a great photo opp. The three stooges visit Indy. BTW, you wil lnot be invited, you are white.

  5. Hmmm...always funny how someone can hijack a conversation. Bravo Anon 3:14 p.m.!

  6. It is amazing that the right wing hate mongers can turn sensitive remarks re: a great American Senator into hate spewing and personal attacks. In addition, there are factual errors....including who invited Rev. Sharpton here. Your use of the comrad is also totally tasteless.

  7. It is no secret that Comrad Carson is a socialist. Except when it comes to taking care of his convict brothers. Then he pulls all of the strings possible to get him out.
    I find it interesting that you condone the race baiting that Sharpton and Comrad Carson are so much a part of. Race baiting is what Sharpon is all about, if it wasnt for that he woudl be selling hair greese on a street corner in Harlem.

    You simply cannot denie that Sharpton has made a living out of going to protests. Do you think that he is doing this out of the goodness of his soul. Hell no, he gos where the money is.Lets see you get out of that one. You know it's the truth.I understand that Socialist do have problems with the truth sometimes.

    Hijhacking this thread,? Just like your Premier is high jacking my Childrens future.

    Hows that little oil spill thing going there? of course your premier is still blaming Bush..Very funny.

    As for Byrd, he was an honrable man who did something foolish in his younger years. We all have. I dont hold that against him, However , if he was a Republican, Jon would be all over him. The door swings both ways there Jon.

    Socialists have such thin skin.

    However, and this will shock you, the Ds will take every elected position in November in Marion county. Tom John has made such a mess of the MCRCC that the Ds wil sweep every position. Layton will win by 65% over Jason Fishburns dad.

    Not all Democrats are Socialists, but all Socialists are Democrats.....Jimmy Carter, 1988