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Monday, June 28, 2010

Vop to the Top: Isili Gains the Big Mo for SOS Bid!

OBSERVATION: Political newcomer Vop Osili (VOSI), demolished his intra-party rival Tom McKenna (TMCK) this weekend by a vote count of 1,215 to 388 a impressive ration of almost 3:1.  On the other hand while we think the GOP has a credible candidate in Charlie White (CWHI) who ran unopposed in his slating contest, they (the GOP) seem stuck on the W/M, W/F model for candidate selection.

Now we're not suggesting that the GOP party play the "identity politics" game, however you would think that these guys (the GOP) could come up with at least one credible candidate for statewide office. 

Nevertheless, we give Osili a sizable stock boost for winning his nomination for Secrectary of State and more importantly securing those southern Indiana votes that may translate into a political problem for candidate White.  Not sure how this will turn out but it will be fun to watch!


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  1. Ipse, spot on! The local GOP should be leading in this area yet look at them. If Tom John and Carl Brizzi are the sandard bearers and the role model for bringing in more African-Americans then it will never happeed. And let's face it, I can't think of any African-Americans with intellect who would come within 100 yards of working with Mayor Ballard. Good luck Vop!

  2. Anon,

    What about Olgen Williams and Greg Wilson, with their position in the Ballard adminstration they will gain name recognition and that could translate to votes somewhere down the line.

  3. With the traditional Republican slant in Indiana, it will be Charlie White's election to lose.

    Given the anti-incumbent/pro-outsider fervor in this election cycle, Vop Osili will be a strong candidate if pushes the "I'm not one of those politicians" theme.

    It doesn't help that Charlie White only got one sentence in the Star article covering his nomination. It doesn't look good.

  4. Charlie will have a problem because as Ipse suggested he's kinda milquetoast. Nothing about him stands out physically or mentally. Vop with enough funding could squeak out a victory, especially if he can boost turnout among African-Americans and Latinos.

  5. Can you tell me what makes Charlie White credible beyond his political ties and work as an attorney for his own family law firm?

    Vop dominates him in the resume category for this particular office.