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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

An Open Letter to Mayor Greg Ballard...Try Being A Mayor For A While.

OBSERVATIONS:  We've been observing the Grand-Loftus,  Ballard (GBAL) Adminstration as his braintrusts Bob "Big G" Grand and Joe E. "Joey" Loftus ( BGRN, JLOF) work their political magic on stage and behind the scenes and like'em or hate them, you have to admire their ability to take a political lump of clay and turned him into a monument of...well we're not quite sure but a monument nevertheless

Open letter to Mayor Greg Ballard

Dear Mayor,

How are you? Good I hope. Just wanted to remind you that part of being mayor is, well being mayor.  There are a lot more issues out here that don't require a plane trip to Brazil, India or Far East,. Perhpas if you are really so into international jetsetting thing, then maybe you should just resign and tryout for the Amazing Race, and let some one else handle the mundane tasks of  what to do about the closing of several branch libraries, a stolen video game that leads to a triple murder, or the possiblity of supporting a billionaire's business venture.

Yeah, I know Bob and Joe didn't tell you that aside from the nice leatherbound chair, driver and great view that the job really does require some actual leadership on your part.  Didn't you write a book on it?

Now don't get us wrong we understand that many voters like the slightly unpolished affable type of mayor who delegates the heavy items, kisses the babies and cuts the ribbons. But lets be honest here, Mayor you aren't any of those. You don't have Hudnut's charisma, Goldsmith's brains or Peterson's communication skills.  All you have is your miliary work ethic and quite frankly most of us haven't seen much of that unless you're parachuting into these potential sister cities. 

With drastic effects of the tax caps on the horizon that threaten to shrink revenue, a sluggish economy and crime on the rise at some point you will need to realize it is your ass not Bob Grand's or Joe Loftus', that is on the line.   They are partners in a law firm and willl get theirs regardless of who is sitting in the mayor's office.  You can either define your term in office or have others define it for you.

We feel that in the interest of the residence of Indianapolis we need to adjust your stock downward until we see your hindquarters move upward. So you might want to put your visa away for the next few months, roll up your sleeves and be mayor. 

In 2007 you won convincingly. Now we would like to see you lead convincingly because if you can't there are a few others who would like to give it a shot. Make no mistake about it. 


UP:  BWMS $125; MKEN $115; JEVN $110

DOWN: GBAL $110,


  1. Whoa, whoa whoa whoa hold on a minute.

    Goldsmith had brains?

  2. you forgot about Lugar ipse...

  3. i think Ballard's main problem is that he has a below average staff. Name one that brings skills that complement his? Is there anyone who is a great communicator, tactician, connects with minority groups of all backgrounds, or even understands basic customer service and "retail politics"?

    An elected official is only as good as the staff you attract.

  4. Goldsmith did have brains. His problem was, IMO, ego.

    Well done on the open letter.

  5. Interesting comment about inexperianced staff. Ballard just hired his second City Legal trial deputy with no civil law experiance. The woman who took the job stated in the Star she has been a deputy prosecutor for 15 years. Thats great; but the trial deputy who oversees civil lawsuits should have experiance in, well, ... civil lawsuits. They are a whole different ball of wax from criminal cases. How Ballard comes up with these hires is beyond me. The party will be over in about a year and half.

  6. No worse than hiring Mary Chalmers for Pike Township Liasion, Tim (greatwhitehopeforpikerepublicans) Kopenen's wife. What a load! Of course being married to a racist midget can leave you looking washed out in the face.

  7. dear mayor ballard,

    please hire me. my husband is your biggest fan and i really need a job.


    christina trexler (tom john wife)