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Thursday, May 13, 2010

IPSE to Terry Burns: Damn Dude! What The Hell Are You Thinking?

OBSERVATION:   Sometimes you have to wonder what candidates are thinking when the make  asinine public announcements. In this case blogger/candidate for Lawrence Township Constable Terry Burns as part of one of his posting has actually stooped so low as to openly solicit gossip for his blog.

You would that after this little flub, Terry would be a little more mindful of his behavior considering his exuberant stone throwing at his Republican opponents.  Here's portion of the post we are referencing:

A request to Indianapolis Times readers: I know that many of you hear plenty of interesting things about Marion County politics, so I'm asking you to share them with me (anonymously if you prefer). Are you hearing about something interesting going on in a campaign? Did you spot an politico dining out or huddled in a not-so-private meeting? Are you hearing some good gossip about an elected official or political operative? If so, send me an e-mail at either or You also can give me a call at 317-437-7867. I keep my all of my sources confidential.
At some point Terry needs to decide what role he wants to play in local politics - that of blogger or serious candidate.  In this case he's failed at both.  And of course once you start this type of campaign you better damn well be squeakly clean yourself.





  1. Terry is an idiot and Beth White his boss needs ought to discipline him. Since when should a public employee operate a politically driven blog.

  2. if Terry didn't work for the government he would be totally unemployable. what a goof!

  3. The Indianapolis Times is the mouthpiece of the local Democrat Party. I take it with a huge amount of salt and don't see why publishing rumors or gossip is all that bad for Terry.

    On another note, the Political Insider column he semi-regularly does is actually one of his more balanced features.

  4. lawrenceresidentMay 13, 2010 at 8:12 PM

    so a openly Democratic candidate publically endorses and supports spreading gossip, enuendos and lies. This ought to help his campaign fundraising.

  5. @ indy student

    i think was ipse was trying to point out that tonce you become a candidate you have to conduct yourself accordingly. i agree dem or not it demeans the office. if he had any common sense he would delete that portion of his post.

  6. ok i'll be your huckleberry Terry. Will you like to elaborate on Melina's special marital relationships back in the day? HINT: Rhymes with "singer".

  7. @indy student

    you say he's the mouthpiece of the Democrat Party,

    I have a much lower opinion of him... :)

  8. You've got the right to your opinion, homer. But I've never met Terry Burns and don't know much about his history. I just know that if I want to read the talking points, I read the Indianapolis Times.

  9. hey Terry, how about the strategy councilor Joanne Sanders used last election and is planning on using again to assure her re-election:

    Have all the union voters vote just for her so that their votes aren't cancelled out and she can squeak thru again. way to throw the african-american candidates under the bus-again.

    and let's not forget how Jackie Nytes cut a deal with Mayor Ballard early on to give up a vote when needed so that her HINO can keep his very lucrative printing contract with the city (Printing Partners).

    How's that for conflict of interest Burnie?

  10. So we can assume that since Marion County Clerk Beth White is his boss she condone's this type of behavior?

  11. I can see how this is going to turn out. erry has opened a Pandora's box. You see spreading spreading dirt is the gift that keeps on giving.

  12. @ipse,

    i say that if they guy wants attention then give it to him. if everyone who thinks he's a lowlife political hack just called his cell number at least 10 times a day maybe he would get the point. 317-437-7867. Give him a call I'm sure his government job allows him to pick up right away.

  13. Terry is not without his own little secrets. m

  14. FYI - Beth White is not Terry's boss. The Voter Registration office is a separate office from the Clerk/Election Board. Although the two offices work closely together, the co-chairs of the VR Board are appointed by their respective County Chairs and do not report to the Clerk or Election Board.

  15. thanks for the clarification anon 10:04,

    That being said its all the worse that that he has no adult supervision. I think it does undermine the integrity of the office (not to mention the candidate) to 1) run a clearly partisan blog 2) openly request gossip and rumors.

    We can only hope that Terry suffers the same fate as he's trying to foist on others.

  16. what i find most telling is that besides this blog, no other blogger or elected offical seems to care that a county employee is engaging in this type of behavior.

    i'm looking forward to the next time a democrat bloggers cry foul over alleged rumors about Andre, Obama, Ellsworth or any local elected official.

    The response from Republicans should be - We just pulling a Burnie...

  17. Listen, if you read Terry's blog, you know exactly what you're going to get. That's why you should read more than one source if you want the Democratic side of things. There are a number of good Democratic blogs in town. (Shameless plug for myself) Indy Democrat, IPOPA, Blue Indiana, A Loyal Opposition, Had Enough Indy, and I'm sure I've left some out.

    Terry does what he does. He does it on his own time and not on public time, and he does it pretty well. His blog has its function. I do agree, though, that the pleading for gossip was a bit over the top.

    I'm glad you're here IPSE to catch us when we get out of line and keep the pundit industry in line.

    As far as Terry not being employable, I don't know about that. He was employable in various journalistic enterprises prior to his time in politics.

  18. @huck,

    well if that is the truth why not give them Tom John and Christina's Trexler's number. They're into the whole swinging crowd. When Buffie decided that she couldn't handle that Tom wnet looking elsewhere. And just for the record Tom does is bi-sexual.

  19. massave,

    that has got to be the worst kept secret in the city. all you need to do is catch him loaded. doubt me ask his old flame Glen Murphy. And for the record so is Christina. They are the perfect pair. Too bad she can't find a job (at least one that requires a desk.