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Monday, May 10, 2010

IPSE Welcomes Marvin Scott to The Trading Board Even As Some Are Asking How?

OBSERVATION:  Over the next few days we will provide recaps of a few of the primary races from last week along with a few stock reports. First up is the CD7 race on the Republican side:

In what seemed to be surprise by some (Republicans) and relief of others (Democratic voters) Carlos Mays came up a little short in his bid to challenge Congressman Andre Carson in the fall as perennial candidate Marvin Scott (MSCOT) captured the Republican nomination in a three way race. 

We're not privvy to what the party did or didn't do  however we did find it ironic that Republcian slated candidate for sheriff Dennis Fishburn (DFISH) prevailed against his well funded challenger yet Carlos the rising star for local Republican was beat rather handedly by a guy without the party apparatus and using his own money for yard signs.  Some are wondering how this could have happened particularly with the wide range of outcomes.  It just seems odd that even with name recognition Scott could pulloff an upset of this proportion. And if so for what will be the gain for him in the fall, money, volunteers or just a wink and nod?

In the meantime we wish Carlos May well and hope to see him again soon. In the meantime we welcome Marvin Scott to the trading board.

P.S. Marvin, we think you need provide an updated photo if you're serious about challenging Congressman Carson in the fall. Pretty is as pretty does...


UP:  MSCOT $110


  1. As Bart Lies! first pointed out (and Wilson Allan and then Jon Easter of Indy Democrat), Scott has a picture of him with President George W. Bush on his campaign web site. You can see the photo here.

  2. We saw that one Indy Student. Hated it! Seriously, all we're saying is that if a person wants to be considered a serious political candidate especailly for a Federal office a nice portrait is a must, not a photo op with a former President. Come on Marv, it probably only runs $50 at a WalMart if cost is an issue.

    Also we will be posting on the Ogden/Abdul catfight soon.

  3. Personally I think Carlos wase set up by Tom John, Partner at Ice Miller the same law firm that houses Lacy Johnson a key advisor to Andre Carson. John reports to Lacy and there was some concern on the Democratic side that a young good looking Latino guy could with the proper message deliver an upset in this special election year. Was it possible, no one was sure however Lacy and Carson didn't want to take a chance. How else can you explain Scott suddenly entering into a race with only his name and a few yard signs and taking the nomination.

    Tom is known for saying one thing and doing another. Remember what he did with Ballard in 2007? How about sabatoging Bruce Henry CD7 race after Ms. Carson's death by planting false tax liens so that it would appear he was in arrears? Or setting up Mike Murphy so that he could take over as MCGOP Chairman. Oh and let's not forget planting spyware on Beth White's computer so you could read her email traffic during the 2007 primary election? Yep your secrets are safe with me and a few other folks who drink with you.

    I agree ispe it doesn't make any sense that Fishburn with a strong well funded opponent wins his race and Carlos loses his to a guy whose nothing more than a political prarie dog. And I don't buy the fact that his name is too ethnic. It sounds like Tom John is beholden to the guy who pays his salary not the party he represents. Or more succinctly Tom is Lacy bitch.

    So Tom who was it gave Marvin the wink and nod? How long do you think you can cut deals with Democrats before Republicans dump your sorry ass and the Democrats realize you are useless to them and you lose your job at Ice Miller?

  4. end of the day, I keep hearing about this Beth White spyware thing, but I'm having trouble finding information on it. I did some searches on Ogden's and Welsh's blog and found nothing, Indianapolis Times (IE the MCDemocrat Party's mouthpiece) wasn't around in 2007. Got any links, or maybe a more full explanation of the story?

  5. Here's what happened. Tom worked with Abdul and another person to install spyware on one of Beth White's computers at the Clerk's office. It was done a little before the 2007 primaries. This was the same year that Beth had a prolem with 200 inpector no-shows. Apparently there were a lot of emails exchanged between her office and the Mayor Peterson's and and thanks to the spyware Abdul had copies. I'm sure if Beth is reading this she knows I'm spot on. With this knowledge Abdul went on a on-air rampage trying to nail Beth on what she knew and when she knew it. He said on his show that he had emails detailing information (burned on a disk) that she (Beth) knew there was a problem the weekend before. He and Tom then collaborated on a message of mismanagement. Bart Peterson (who for the record said he had nothing to do with it and refuse to publically acknowledge that he knew anything. If you go to Abdul's Indiana Barrister and do a search using Beth White you will see the around May 7th 2007 is when this occurred. I found out along with others because Tom and Abdul like to brag when they drink heavily and had no problem gloating on what they had done. Keep in mind that they had nothing to fear from law enforcement because Carl was one of their dirnking buddies. If you don't beleive me ask anyone who was in Beth's office at that time as see how much of what i decribed was accurate.

    Tom, Abdul and Carl have no regard for the law or fair play. Abdul desperately wants to be liked personally and relevent professionally. He chose the shortcut method of linking himself to others with similar shortcomings...guys who as children were outcast and desperately wanted money and power and willing to do anything to get it. "At the end of the day" they are similar in the physchological makeup - immature, manboys with a law degree and a false sense of self-importance that hides their insecurities they've had since childhood - the inability to fit in...

  6. the name of the spyware they used was called Spector Pro. It sends "pictures" of the screen as well as copies of all incoming and outgoing emails.

  7. I think it is pretty obvious that the GOP machine dumped Carlos May......plain and simple.

  8. @ eotd,

    you are almost 100% on the mark on with your information. Abdul was the person who put the spyware on her computer. He first engaged her in a conversation, then asked could he check his email 9this was before he got his blackberry). From a flash drive it only takes a few seconds to install the spyware. In and out with a smile.