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Friday, May 21, 2010

IPSE To Evan: Don't Give Up Your Day Job! IPSE To Stonewall Democrats: Live Up to Your Name Or Change It!

OBSERVATION: Several bloggers have made mentioned Senator Bayh's :30 second standup routine at the and so we thought it worthy of a post. We review the  discussed the joke at length and concluded that at best mimics his policy postions in office - unoriginal, bland and totally forgettable by the time the Stonewallers worked their way out the auditorium. We respectfully disagree with IPOPA's analogy comparing the AIDS virus to lynching - One is a disease, the other a violent act against a specific individual.  We do think Indy Democrat probably comes closest to a clear-headed conclusion.

What strikes us as ironic is how ultra-sensitive it appears the Stonewall Democrats are when something insults their fragile sensitivies as this same group of individuals have no problem hurling the words "homophobe, bigot and hateful" to anyone who happens to disagree with their stance.  And for the record one of us just happens to be gay so don't even go there.

Our advice to the Stonewallers is that they need to understand that when one integrates thier race, gender or sexual orientation within a platform one invites dissention. When one places that political platform in the public square they invite dissention.   And when one can't take public criticism unintentional, serious or otherwise one invites a snarky post like this. 

Over the years the gay rights movement has worked valiently to move the AIDS issue into the mainstream.  They have succeeded, or at least we thought so until now. We would suggest that the Stonewallers are better served working out their internal differences which require much more effort than it does to walk out in a hissyfit on a sitting U.S. Senator.  In our opinion Evan's only insult that night was to the struggling comedians everywhere who are just trying to make a living.


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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Greetings all:

    No! You downgraded me on that?!? I feel like I got Jim Cramer-ed on this one.

    My point about lynching wasn't to say it's the same as AIDS, and you HAD to know that. My point was that to somebody in a high-risk community for AIDS, AIDS jokes aren't funny any more than lynching humor is to African-Americans, Holocaust humor to Jews, or domestic violence humor funny to women who've been the victims of domestic violence. (I nailed the apples to apples comparison when I asked whether people would have said lighten up if the joke had been about cancer, but you guys skipped pass that one. It wouldn't have been).

    My point is that almost always people who tell others to lighten up aren't in the group that bears the brunt of the joke. The gay dude in your group...maybe he lets it go without comment, but are you telling me he didn't cringe when he heard it?

    Also, when did the Indiana Stonewall Democrats call somebody a homophobe? I'd be interested in hearing more about that.

    (Sorry for posting twice - had to get rid of typos)

  3. good post ipse. blog chatter brought me to the site and while i'm certainly no fan of Evan, Bil Browning and his ilk do seem to ov er dramatize any slight as a chance to weep and wail. keep it up

  4. Please clarify IPSE. When did ISD call anyone a homophobe, bigot or hateful? I have yet to read anything about that.

  5. anon 10:33

    there are several members who in their public conversations regularly describe their opponents in these terms.

    example 1) Mr. Bil Browning -

    2) anything wilson allen aka art fuggins, aka wilson46201 writes on a blog has a almost 505 chance of containing the word bigot, homophobe, hate...

    While you are known by the company you keep.

    Bil Browning is a member of the Stonewall Democrats as well as Wilson Allen. We see no distinction in members and the organization utterance as that's the essence of politics. What a minister may say has an impact rightly or wrongly on a denomination or religious belief. That is the downside of rhetoric. Each side plays this game all we are doing is making sure it is equally applied.

  6. @ipopa,

    You'll bounce back, you always do. As for the joke it was poorly constructed, hardly believable and honeslty not funny because of that. Most jokes makes someone cringe and it is no different than the lowbrow crap you can see on LOGO or now defunct Def Comedy Jam. Appropriate for a live nightclub audience perhaps for a political crowd hell no. Evan was never funny or even noteable for that matter. His strength is his name and hair, that's it. The GLBQ crowd has no problem mocking anyone who isn't lockstep behind them (even their own) and can be just as mean-spirited as the accuse their opponants of being. all we are saying is don't dish it out if you can't take it. and if you want to run on your sexuality as a public issue be prepared to have it examined debated, and possibly ridiculed. We hear very little about the largest number of AIDS victims which aren't PGWM but babies and children in sub-saharan Africa. That's why we aren't impressed with the "protest and outrage" from this group.

    And for the record i'm the gay dude.

  7. Well, I'm a member of the Stonewalls, what do you think of me IPSE? Did you even bother to read my blog post on the subject?

    Be careful of painting members of an organization with a broad brush.

  8. Bil Browning feels slighted by Evan?

    Bil do you remember during the HRO debate in 2006 when you used "ebonics" to make insulting remarks about then City-County Council president Steve Tally on your blog? Here let me remind you
    "I don't no nuthing 'bout no discrim'nashun!

    Bil admit it gays, lesbians are just as bigoted as some hetrosexuals. You like to think you are better but you aren't. Just because everyone isn't homocentric doesn't make them homophobic. Now that's real equality.

  9. @ Jon,

    Hey big guy, check out the analysis. You received a boost. As for us we are merely playing by the rules that were already created - use the biggest brush to cover apply the most crap over the largest amount of people. And we only did it to illustrate how a few people's comments can be exploited to drive a perception. Are all Teapartyers anti-government? Are all Obama opponents racist? Are all Demcrats godless hedonist? No we don't beleive so however at times we find ourselves in a distinct minority.


  11. my question is to anyone:

    Can you be considered a true minority to be discrimiated against if you have the option of self-disclosure/identification?

  12. i remember hearing il Browning on WIBC arguing that Andre' Carson's open council seat should be help by an "openly" gay councilor. The guy never realizied how stupid he sounded and the can of worms he was opening. The host (i don't remember his name) asked him what was the difference between and openly gay or closeted gay, and how did he know if there were or were not gays already on the council?

    Bil started stammering like a 10 year-old kid in front on stage.

    Bil Browning is proved that he is not that bright when it comes to honest and open debate.

  13. Interesting. I belong to ISD and I don't know Bil or Wilson but apparently everything they do I'm guilty of, as well. Who knew?

    I'm an avid reader of IPOPA, IndyDemocrat, Indianapolis Times, Advance Indiana and Blue Indiana and though I don't know any of those bloggers personally, I do know they do not hide their identity. I like that about a blog, it holds folks more accountable.

    I do have one question, what does any of this have to do with a bi-sexual guy suing a gay softball league in Seattle?

  14. @ anon 907,

    i think it is painfully obvious. the crux of the article is that a "self-decared" status of a minority demonstrates the fragile and subjective laced argument therein. How do you measure someone's gayness? No other minorty group can claim such a position. There is and will always be the immutable clause aspect of minorty status. These are issues that require more thought and attention for gay leadership than a feeble attempt at humor from a semi-effective political figure . We stand by our post.

    Also we research the blogs daily and and lets be clear on one thing an identified blogger is no more accountable than one who is anonymous. We take pride in that we work as a team to be equally snarky. And because we are anonymous no one is immune from our posts and analysis.

  15. ipse bloggers,

    I appreciate you allowing various opinions to be posted on your blog without the vitriolic response and namecalling you get from other bloggers. Your guests on both sides of the issues have be respectful as the defend their position. A friend turned me on to your site and now I check it several times daily -of course I am still working on how to buy stock. :)

    thanks for the laughs and thought provoking posts.

  16. dennis the menaceMay 23, 2010 at 10:41 AM

    i can't believe that the "master of that is gay" wilson allen aka wilson46201 has not weighed in. He's usually likes to drop a bigot rant or two whenever this issue services on blogs. Oh, Mr. Wilsuuun! Where are you?

  17. Nike may consider that donkey to be kicking up a trademark infringement on their logo...

  18. Thanks for being so decent, ipse, and I cherish you for this post, and your comments that followed. Truth hurts the fabricating bigots, and keep telling it!

  19. Point taken. I somehow missed that in my first read. Thanks for the mention.

  20. Bil Browning and Wilson Allen are not spokesmen for the Indiana Stonewall Democrats. The officers of the organization speak for it.