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Thursday, May 27, 2010

IPSE Make Up or Break Up #2?: Ed Treacy and Greg Bowes

OBSERVATION: The second installment to Make Up or Break Up (MUBU) will ask the burning question we all think about after hearing about political dust ups made public between our various public officials "Will they ever get back together?".  In this case it involves current Marion County Democratic Chairman Ed Treacy and would-be Democratic candidate for prosecutor Greg Bowes.  We were told that there's more than meets the eye with this little lover's spat so we decided to give you guys a chance to weigh in.

All you need to do is cast your vote using the agree/disagree buttons at the bottom of each posts if you believe there will be any reconciliation between the selected individuals.  If you think our political couple will start over press "agree". If you think that things are forever broken then press "disagree". Remember the power is in your hands. Now its time for you to be the Cupid in someone's political life!


  1. This was more about a battle between Ed Treacy and the young African-American regime. This isn't over many of us are tired of the Democratic version of the Good Old Boys club. We are tired of Ed and Co. aksing for our votes and money then asking us to serve instead of sitting at the table when it comes to making decisions.

  2. Ipse, I love you guys' humor and wit and was wondering if would you consider doing "caption this" posts if any of your readers submitted photos to you?

  3. Ed was pissed that the young upstart Rashawn Wolley wouldn't get back in line and follow orders. He threaten to strip his father Michael Wolley of his position if he didn't speak to his son. Well you know how that went. Next he asked Lacey Johnson to "get his people in line!". That didn't so we had a runoff for prosecutor. I think they've back down and Ed has stated that next time he won't take prisoners.

  4. I hope no one is surprised about this. Ed Treacy and Bob Grand have remained friends since their college days. There job is to keep the ground troops agitated why they rake in the bucks. There's an agreement not to push too hard on the Ballard adminstration in exchange for a piece of the pie. Ever notice how you rarely hear from Ed lately? And he wishes this group would simply disappear

    Of course I can't imaginge why?

  5. @becki

    We would consider a trial run on the concept however we would need some ground rules:

    1) No nude or sexually explicit photos.
    2) No suggestively violent photos.

    All else is free game and of course if you want you can remain anonymous.

  6. Hey Ed, Rashawn Wolley's organization is not going away and don't think that this is the last time we will clash. We are tired of your plantation politics. You use us to get your wife elected then throw us under the bus when we ask for a voice. We will not be ignored or taken for granted.

  7. There is NO WAY! Greg's only way back into the party is if Ed steps down as chair. That's not going to happen anytime soon. Greg set the fire. He threw gas on it. Then alcohol. Then hydrogen.

  8. What Greg did was no different than anyone else. Most people don't rrealize that Ed Treacy has already cut a deal for his law firm with his college buddy Bob Grand. Funny how publically absent he is when it really counts. They both work to keep the foot soldiers in line while carving up the taxpayers money.