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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mayor Greg Ballard's Job Creation Program Works! Just Ask His Son Greg Ballard Jr.!

OBSERVATIONS:  We couldn't help but shake our collective heads as we put together this post.  As reported here, here and here (ok we're just kidding on the last one).  Mayor Ballard we have one simple question for you:

Who told you this was a good idea?

Please tell us it was Winnie or that you thought of this while rummaging through Greg Jr.'s baby photos.  If by chance it was an advisor or staffer, fire them and the person that hired them immediately. Then throw their desk and computer into a dumpster at least five blocks away and fumigate the area just to make sure stupidity like this doesn't spread to the rest of the 25th floor.

Some of you may think we sound a bit harsh, well we disagree. This Mayor ran as an outsider who railed against the 'good ole' boys' and the stench of "insider elites" accusing them of making the taxpayers' monies their own. 

Mayor Ballard it is one thing to steer lucrative contracts to your political allies, there hasn't been one mayor that didn't have his favorites. Most politcos understand that part of the game and only squeal when they don't get a little piece of the action.  What you did Mayor was incredibly sloppy and smacked of amatuerish nepotism of the worst kind. 

So what you would like the taxpayers to believe is that your able-bodied son with a college degree cannot find a decent job without the assistance of his daddy the mayor? Is that what we're hearing?  Now we won't blame Hiron and Company for what is probably a good investment. Create a spot for an entry level college kid in exchange for a $10,000 per month marketing contract.  Our only question is will he still be around after the 2011 elections or will there be a "downsizing" of the marketing staff? Not suggesting, just asking.

Unfortunately Mayor, this type of behavior only reinforces the cynicism that already infects the hearts and minds of the voting public, that elected officials take care of their own at the expense of the taxpayer.  The saddest part of this whole boondoggle is that your son will now become a legitimate target in next year's municipal elections as an example of shameful influence peddling at its worst.


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  1. You know how to break it down, ipse, without blinking, I bet.

  2. Watching this guy govern is like watching a train wreck on a circular track. When will 2011 get here?

  3. ipse,

    Not sure if you remember Jen Wagner from TakingDownWords and Accidental Mayor fame but you guys (and gals) remind me of her blog which is a huge compliment. Snarky, witty and razor sharp barbs that cut to the quick! The only difference is you guys are equal opportunity bloggers. No one is safe! Keep it up!

  4. Boris, Melyssa of HFFT has drawn comparisons to Indy Underground. I wasn't in the blogosphere at the time, but from the limited amount of what I've read, IPSE is a bit more mature.

    Even if the trading aspect never takes off among followers, I find ending each post with an up/down number very entertaining.

  5. @Marycatherine thanks for the kind words. Because we don't have many of the insider connections as the other bloggers we are forced to try a little harder.


    We have never met Ms. Wagner however we have heard our snarky posts are/were similar to hers. From all we've been able to piece together she appeared to be one hell of a blogger. @indy student thanks for the compliment. That trading aspect is what we live everything else is a support system. However we do love our work.

  6. There was not a RFP sent out for that PR business. The Mayor just hired Hirons.
    Hirons is also the firm that did all of the Wishard PR stuff.
    Great investment by Hirons.