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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Twenty Questions for 2011: (11-15)

OBSERVATIONS: Here's the next 5 (better late than never).

11) Will Sam Carson stay in the mayoral race if he loses the primary?

12) Will Jocelyn Tande Adante get more than 100 votes in the primary?

13) How long (in months) will Emmis president Jeff Semulyan stomach Carl Brizzi's on-air antics?

14) Who will be the first GOP candidate to throw their hat in the ring for the CD7 in 2012?

15) Who of those named will be the nominee?


  1. Jocelyn will do better than most people think. Her name ends in A...and she is known for better or worse.

  2. 11. He can't. Indiana has a "sore loser" law that prevents you from running and losing in a primary and continuing in the General Election as an independent.

    12. She'll get a lot more than 100 votes, in fact a lot more than a 1000. To get 100 votes or less she'd have to get shut out completely in 4 of 5 precincts. She's first on the ballot and female. YOu have to realize that even the informed voters going in, may not know all or anything about the four slated R candidates. That means the first person on the ballot gets vote as well as female candidats.

    13. By July he'll be gone.

    14. Former Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard. Just kidding...don't know.

    15. The smart money is with Marvin Scott. It's hard to beat that name ID in a Republican Primary.

  3. I agree with Paul on 11 and 12, though Jocelyn has a disadvantage as well. Hyphenated names are poor performers at the ballot box, and I think Jocelyn has kind of an "odd" sounding name, and as Vop Osili or Dr. Nassar Hanna can attest to, that can cost votes.

    13? Emmis let him slide throughout his misconduct as Prosecutor. They even softballed a live interview with him (which he failed at in quite an entertaining way). If they let him do all that shit while an employee and Prosecutor, this stuff is nothing.

    14. Dems tend to have a habit of actively campaigning for a spot months, even a year or so, in advance of the actual nomination. The county, not so much. Unless May gives it another go, I'm not sure who'd run.

    15. I disagree with Paul on Scott. His Facebook account has had a few posts as if he was contemplating moving out of Indiana.

  4. 11. Paul answered...besides...who's gonna take him?

    12. Yes.

    13. He's on Saturday afternoons. If you can get attention there and have a show that makes money...he's in. Charlie Morgan is the new market manager there since September, so he could have made a move by now. My feeling is that Brizzi stays.

    14. Carlos May

    15. The unslated candidate that throws the most anti-Muslim rhetoric.