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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Indy Democrat Rivals Abdul Hakim Shabazz's Stand-Up Routine

OBSERVATION: In a post that rivals the best of April Fool's Day jokes and if fact almost had us hooked, Indy Democrat (IDEM) writes a post that rivals Abdul Hakim Shabazz's (INBR) periodic patchworked-sourced posts of alleged conversations inside the local Democratic Party. 

Indy Dem we admit it, you almost had us there. They say good satire always has an element of truth and this my friends is a classic example and worthy of a stock boost.

UP: IDEM  $180

DOWN: $130


  1. Great post IPSE!

    Abdul, was and will alsways be known as a wannabee journalist. He is like the annoying kid in class who will do anything for attention. The only difference is...well I guess there is no difference

  2. Gents, your e-mail bounced back my message! Might want to take a look at that.

  3. If you read that post and took it seriously, then I guess I'm a better writer than I thought. Thanks very much for the compliment and the link.