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Friday, April 29, 2011

Has Abdul the Arms-Dealer Become Abdul the Suicide Bomb(thrower)?

OBSERVATION:  Well apparently Abdul Hakim Shabazz's (INBR) mockingbirds are finally coming home to roost in the form of an open letter of rebuke from the Indianapolis Bar Association.  The letter was in response to Abdul's latest compost composited allegations on Judge Lou Rosenberg's handling of the Charlie White recount case. 

Indy Student (ISTUD), Indy Times (ITEM), and Paul Ogden (OGPL) have each posted on this as well.  We find it interesting how "centrist" Abdul can patently ignore the common knowledge of the dysfunctional happenings within the local GOP (from Tom John, Carl Brizzi, Ryan Vaughn to Angel Rivera and others) yet without a shred of evidence speculate on the motivations of a presiding Democrat judge and still consider himself a serious "journalist".

Apparently in the eternal quest for attention, Mr. Shabazz will do and say about anything and in this process has mistaken the reaction of those he wrongly accuses as fear or respect of his "power". All we have to say to that there is nothing farther from the truth.  We have reviewed about 40 or so emails sent to us from various readers that adds evidence to the fact that both his credibility and circle of friends are shrinking rapidly. 

We've discovered that Abdul seems to operate under the theory that "it doesn't matter if it is true, as long as it is plausible". Now this may be a standard procedure for a wishy-washy high school debutant but not for a grown man who purportedly considers himself a professional journalist.

Finally, we do question the wisdom of a guy living in Indianapolis with a law degree but no client base or practice pissing off the Indianapolis Bar Association.  Yep Mr. Shabazz you've become quite the the span of only a few weeks you successfully  transformed yourself from an armsdealer into a suicide bomb-thrower. Great career move.


UP:  ITIM $160, OGPL $260, ISTUD $150

DOWN:  INBR $120,  


  1. Great post IPSE!

    I think Abdul has finally jumped the shark. Notice how everyone he considers a "good friend" is either under investigation or well-known to be unethical? As a Democrat I can tell you he's a joke in our Party. Yes we feed him crap just to see if he will eat it and you know what he does! He's not worried about upsetting the IBA because no one would ever hire him full time. Don't believe me just ask around, the Democratic firms can't stand him and the Republican firms thinks he has too much baggage and no enough legal experience.

  2. Abdul is a modern day minstrel. And Vinnie I think you're right this one has really damaged his credibility in the legal and political arenas. The guy is on a low-watt radio station and to compensate for it he says outrageous things just to get folks to listen to him. My question is what happens when his bosses at WXNT realize that this guy isn't as good as he tells everyone he is. Oh well we can only hope, in the meantime we don't have to turn the dial just drive ten miles away from his radio station and he will fade out and be replaced with blessed and far more intelligent white noise.

  3. Ouch!!! Wow IPSE when you get someone in your targets you are deadly!

  4. My first stock loss :(

    Well, time to go update my resume.

    Great post as always, gents.

  5. Check again Indy Student. We made a mistake in the posting. It is corrected now.

  6. There's no such thing as bad publicity, thanks for feeding the beast. Glad to give you guys something to talk about.

  7. Mary of the WoodsApril 29, 2011 at 4:40 PM

    Well Abdul,

    If you don't like the beast being fed, don't poke it with a stick!

  8. "There's no such thing as bad publicity, thanks for feeding the beast. Glad to give you guys something to talk about."

    Only a clueless fool like Charlie Sheen believes that old adage...At some point in time Abdul's posts will begin to take on the value and relevence of political graffiti.

  9. Tell it IPSE!!!!!!! Abdul is a joke in most circles, I mean look at his associates, they are all really scum bags who give lawyers and politicans a bad rep.

  10. It's funny that you completed omitted the blog that was the first to raise questions about Abdul's blog post that brought the matter to the attention of the Indianapolis Bar Association.