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Monday, April 25, 2011

Who Will Admit To Hiring Tim Koponen?

OBSERVATIONS:  Many of you are asking yourselves right now 'who the heck in Tim Koponen'? Well prior to receiving about a dozen or so emails concerning Mitch Daniels' newest appointee's bizarre behavior we were asking the same thing. For those of you who many not know, Tim Koponen was recently hired as Director of Quality, Metrics and Statistics with the Indiana Department of Labor under Commissioner Lori A Torres. 

According to well-placed sources within state and local government, Mr. Koponen is creating quite a buzz in the hallways of the Government Center South as well as local political operatives with prognostications on his future plans.  Apparently Tim is trying to convince his listening audience that he was "personally recruited" by Governor Daniels to shake up the IDOL because of Mitch's dissatisfaction with Commissioner Torres' leadership over the last few months.  He also is quick to point out that he is being fast-tracked to be the Commissioner if things do not shape up by the end of year.

In an effort to obtain some background on Tim as well as provide some degree of objectivity we decided to take a peek at his facebook page.  We've cut and pasted a few of his responses - only because we think that he will delete them after this post becomes public.  Below are Tim's posts in italics.

..Timothy M Koponen

What always baffles me is the fact that Universal Healthcare actually is cheaper that crappy private half assed health care, but American don't want the good stuff... what about being world class and getting the best? Why do we hate being better?
Why Germany Has It So Good -- and Why America Is Going Down the Drain

April 15 at 9:56pm · Share.
Timothy M Koponen

What kind of bonuses would they have needed if we didn't cut those taxes on the rich?
Thank goodness s
LINDA KEENAN: How the Richest 1 Percent Keep Rewarding Themselves for Epic Failure
A signature feature of the shadow lobbyist era is not just a manipu...lation of public policy, but also an embrace of "failing upward". No matter the track record, the elite 1 percent seek more of the same. See More

LINDA KEENAN: How the Richest 1 Percent Keep Rewarding Themselves for Epic Failure..
April 10 at 9:54pm via Huffington Post · LINDA KEENAN: How the Ric.

Timothy M Koponen via James McGrath

Maybe he did....

My Take: Jesus would believe in evolution and so should you
Editor's Note: Karl W. Giberson, Ph.D., is vice president of The BioLogos Foundation and is the author or coauthor of seven books, including The Language of Science and Faith. By Karl W. Giberson, Special to CNN Jesus once famously said, “I am the Truth...

April 10 at 5:53pm · Share

Timothy M Koponen

The best is that she's home schooling her kids LOL. Hope they're not my students

What Does Bachmann's Grasp Of History Mean For The Children?
Over the weekend, supposed Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann ...made some news after she mistook the state of New Hampshire as the location of the Battles... See More
Germans have six weeks of federally mandated vacation, free university tuition, and nursing care. Why the US pales in comparison...
What Does Bachmann's Grasp Of History Mean For The Children?..
March 15 at 12:31am via Huffington Post · What Does Bachmann's Gras.
As you can see we imagine Tim's comments have Governor Mitch Daniels' political advisers scrambling right now to clean up this guy's public rants. With the economy of someone who obviously likes to hear himself speak without consequences, he has systematically undercut the Governor's message on tax policy (we assume the Governor will endorse tax cuts for all) and Obamacare as he touts the perfection of Germany's Universal Health Care.

Of course it wouldn't be complete embarrassment for the Governor without mocking social conservatives with his offhand comments on Jesus Christ supporting evolution. Finally, as a former professor he couldn't pass up a chance to insult the Teaparty darling Congresswoman Bachmann. Not bad for two months work. Of course this add credibility to our sources' claims that Mr. Koponen possess an uncanny lack of political common sense and the rare ability to piss off people every time he opens his mouth to speak.

For those who think that we are nitpicking, please keep in mind that social media is the new 'open mike' for the next Presidential election. History shows that many a candidate have had their political aspirations crippled or even derailed when one of their employees catches a case of diarrhea of the mouth.

We are curious to know that in light of the Governor's all but announced bid for the White House, did anyone bother to check out this guy before he was hired?

We bet Mr. Earl Goode, The Governor's Chief of Staff may be having second thoughts on this pick.

From our vantage point, it seems like loose cannon Tim Koponen is more of a benefit for President Obama than the Governor. But only time will tell.



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  1. While I agree with almost all of your analysis, I find it beyond ridiculous that anyone running to be the next President of the United States or ANY elected office would find it problematic to have supporters who dare (oh my!) to acknowledge evolution. How very, very sad for the Republican Party that it has come to this. Truly sad.

  2. Tim is an idiot boy did Kyle Walker pull a fast one over Betsy Burdick. Tim lost his job at the bank because he's abrasive and can't keep his damn mouth shut.

  3. @Erin,

    No one is saying that he can't have an opinion on evolution, what I think IPSE is suggesting is how he makes a joke about Jesus. Of course if it was Allah he spoke about then he would be called intolerant...Go figure...

  4. Susan HollingsworthApril 25, 2011 at 11:45 AM

    I wonder HOW Commissioner Torres feels having this BeneDICK Arnold on her staff. Nice to know Daniels has so little trust in her that he would send in a guy like this to take her undermind her and get a job in the process. Shame on you Governor!

  5. Why is it a 'joke' to suggest that Jesus might agree with evolution? He posted a religious commentary from CNN's religion blog making that very argument in case anyone bothered to note what he was actually commenting on....

  6. Ok, ok I hired him. Please let this die down you're messing up our plans! Go on there's nothing to see here.

  7. Erin,

    I will write slowly so that you can understand. Christianity is based on the belief of creationism, a basic tenet of the Bible (the book that Christians use to practice their faith). Evolution is the scientific explaination on the origins of man and is the Contradiction of Creationism. To suggest Jesus Christ would agree with evolution is mockery of Christianity. Similar to suggesting that Allah would support "the other white meat" if given the health benefits.

  8. Let it go George and Anon 1139, Erin is here to defend a Tim, that's her job. We need people like her so people like Tim can feel good about themselves. And just for the record I've seen Tim Koponen participate in a forum on religion and he's just as offensive and intolerant to people of faith in person as he is on the internet. Why someone in the political arena would hire this guy is beyond comprehension. Of course that didn't stop Danny Burton from hiring him for his Minority Outreach (as a favor to State Sen. Mike Delph)

  9. And this is the same Tim Koponen that told a group of Black Republicans that he was "more black" than they were. Obviously he knows how blacks should "act" because, well, he's a sociologist from Chicago. The guy is a racist and a@@hole who was even fired from Marvin Scott's campaign for his offhand remarks. Do you realize how bad you must be to be fired by Marvin???

  10. @Erin

    I will trade in Creationism if you trade in Global Warming. Deal?

  11. IPSE gents, haven't you ever heard of a screen capture :) ? In Windows 7, just push the Print Screen button, then copy and paste the image into something like MS Paint or a Word Document.

    Glad to see the unique brand of commenters this blog brings are still around!

  12. Geoge T said: "Christianity is based on the belief of creationism, a basic tenet of the Bible (the book that Christians use to practice their faith).:

    Catholics are christians. The Catholic Church has long accepted evolution as fact. Not every christian sect takes everything in the bible absolutely how old the world is. The fact evolution exists doesn't mean that God was not the architect behind what happened.

  13. I don't know Tim terribly well. My only complaint about him was that he supported th needless new Guion Creek Elementary school and the tax increase that went with it. Otherwise, I've always found him to be pleasant and easy to deal with. As I said though, I don't know him well.

  14. Oh bs, George T., don't even try to pass of your "slow typing" as anything but that, your own very obvious "slowness." None less than Pope John Paul II declared evolution to not be incompatible with Christianity and while you may choose to believe that evolution is incompatible with your faith, many Christians do not. And, fyi Mr. slow typing intolerant man, they are every bit as Christian as you (including Catholics should your intolerance extend in that direction).

  15. Puzzled in Marion CountyApril 25, 2011 at 2:34 PM

    Daniels and crew are pretty savvy when it comes to recruitment, so it does make me wonder what clout does Koponen have? Was he Torres' first pick? Did anyone do a background check? Who recommended him to the position? And is he worth keeping? Just a few questions...

  16. Ah, the silver bullet of liberals "you're intolerant". Good one. Face it Erin when you say that Genesis in fiction you are tossing out Christianity as a whole. Period.

  17. @Paul,

    Tim is a protogee of Tom John. He's an opportunist will no political skill sets besides grunt work. He can't hold down a job (fired twice) and should lose this one if the boys in the Governor's office have any sense. What you saw in Pike was just a small sample of the crap he does on a daily basis.

  18. Marcus Around TownApril 25, 2011 at 2:46 PM

    Nice job Erin!

    Way to deflect from the real issue - the fact that Timmy Talker is a walking joke. Setting aside his comments about someone's religious belief, his comments on Universal healthcare (Obamacare) and taxes is enough for me to write this guy off as someone I would want in my adminstration. Tim Koponen should have a muzzle on him like yesterday. Otherwise it will get worse over time. And I too wonder whose bright idea it was to hire him. I've seen hi at the GOP functions and he's an embarrassment. I guess he saw how easy it was to sponge off of taxpayers since his wife works for Mayor Ballard that he thought he might as well get into the game.

  19. @Marcus, I don't know the man and have never met him. Apparently you skipped the very first thing I wrote? As in "While I agree with almost all of your analysis" followed by the one part I don't agree with- evolution? So, if we look at his comments on health care and taxes, let's see if we can say the exact same thing, but put it in other words? Hmmm, how about "setting aside his comments about someone's religious belief" (which he did not do, btw, as is kind of obvious from the actual statement he made). I believe you'd arrive at...oh gosh, "I agree with almost all of your analysis..." Funny how that works.

  20. So Erin,

    Are you the same Erin Rosenberg who is Senior Policy Advisor to Congressman Andre Carson?

  21. Susan HollingsworthApril 25, 2011 at 4:32 PM


    Who is Tim's wife and what does she do in the Mayor's office?

  22. Tim plays both sides. He uses ebonics to mock Andre Carson and other African-Americans on the council, but when he's in the presence of Democrats he reverses course and talks about the radical right. Yet he lobbied to be Congressman Dan Burton's Minority Outreach person in exchange for helping Sen. Delph get his position during the special election. He's about as trustworthy as real politician.

  23. Dan Burton's person on Minority Outreach!!!!???? Wow, I'm not sure who to got suckered there! I can think of sooo many punch lines here...

    And what the connection between Danny Burton and Senator Mike Delph?

  24. Perhaps this will help...

  25. This is bizzare. With as much care as the Governor has managed his public personna and that of his administration this is a strange appointment indeed. Particularly if Mr. Koponen was activley recruited by the Governor himself - and I can't imagine a guy making up something so easily refuted.

  26. Wow, it's good to know I'm not the most controversial person in town.

    I wonder if this blog has ever had so many posts on an issue.

  27. George T, yes and no. I am the same Erin Rosenberg, but I have not been with the Congressman's office since September 2009. So, I am not Senior Policy Advisor, but I was in 2008 (I wasn't in 2009 either, for what it is worth, I was interim Legislative Director).

  28. "Tim is a protogee of Tom John"

    That just about says it all. Wasn't Tom John the bain child behind Dennis Fishburn?

    I have met Tim at some MCRCC functions,he is a very irratating person with very seedy eyes,no wonder he is ToJos BFF.

  29. Mary Chalmers is the name of his wife. She is the Mayor's liasion for Pike Township. It appears that when the only employment experience you have is academia you naturally gravitate to government work. Must be nice having these two sponges on the government payroll.

  30. Logical Luke (skywalker)April 29, 2011 at 4:35 AM

    Glad to hear someone with logic is involved with politics. Yes Germany has excellent health care as well as France, England, Canada…ect. Special interests and their bribes have destroyed this country.

    As for his religious comments I say this, you religious conservatives have had your hand in government for over thirty years and ran this country into the ground. It has been proven that your leaders like Bush cater to the rich, which includes wars for profit, something your Jesus would not approve of. Apparently it is ok to kill other religions as that is what was presented to you as reason for war, even though both religions believe in the same god. It is a technicality in both beliefs that says it is ok to hate and kill each other.

    Why don’t you religious folks logically study the story of Jesus. Three wise men, that must have been Priests are waiting for a Messiah, they get the signal from a star in the sky that the Romans can’t see. They travel for days to bring gifts to this Messiah that they have been waiting for. And what do they do? They leave him and his family alone, and just walk away, knowing the Romans are out slaughtering newborn babies. C’mon! If it really happened they would have taken the Messiah with them to a safe environment. The story of Jesus and the wise men was created so the population would give up their last dime to the greedy church leaders, just as the our conservative leaders are doing to the religious masses now.

    And BTW…why did Jesus not look up the wise men when he was older and decided to follow his calling? They for sure knew who he was and could have helped him with their influence. It is a bullsh*t story designed to get 10% of your earnings and this is why the GOP has catered to the religious conservatives, if they believe that story, they will believe anything.

    What you should do is understand carbon dating, the Earth is billions of years old and those are the people who should be in charge…people of science and logic.

  31. Tim is still a racist elitist wannabe who academic accomplishments prove that even getting a degree is sociology doesn't make you any smarter than having an associates degree in electronics. As for his wife, Mary Chalmers she spent most of her time teaching communism to her class at Butler. And had the nerve to brag about it! Two worthless individuals supported by taxpayers.

  32. Luke (Tim),

    Try explaing how yo managed to get fired from 2 jobs in less than 3 years! This post itsn't about religion it is about a loud mouth who doesn't need to be in a policymaking position. Period.

  33. Vinnie
    I’m not Tim, I’m not even from your state. But I have been a victim of your fanatical religious politicians who spend tens of thousands of tax payer dollars to stalk and slander me. Simply because I, along with others protested the early release of the child killer Melinda Loveless. These selected few religious types have decided that Melinda, and Hope Rippey should be release early simply because they were born again in prison. A decision made because of religious beliefs and not the rule of law. We were even investigation the possible corruption of embezzled funds to pay for the two girls attorneys. That is the problem with Theocracies, they do as they wish.
    If you don’t remember, these two teens were part of a group of four that in 1992 kidnapped 12 year old Shanda Sharer, tortured her for ten hours than burnt her alive. But now that they are Christians we should all forgive them and set them free. The fact is these are truly evil people and a religious belief should have no decision on how much time they serve, especially since they cut a deal to save their lives when on trial.

    This thread IS about religion as many posters have made such statements against this man Tim, who I don’t even know, but apparently deals with logic over religious beliefs.

  34. Anony 9:33AM

    Corporations are run like communistic entities, and since multinational corporations control our government by way of lobbying, you are actually living under a communist rule…ya just can’t see the walls.
    Theocracies and Communism are very much the same, excluding the Magic Cloud God from Communism. Both reward the few at the top and repress the masses. Both torture and murder any dissidents, the European Witch burnings of the dark ages when Theocracies ruled, and the Siberian Salt Mines when Communism ruled Eastern Europe come to mind.

    Nothing wrong with teaching other types of governments so one can understand the distinctions between what has worked and what hasn’t. People like Jefferson studied other types of governing methods before they decided on a Democratic (Greek) Republic. When asked what type of government he gave them Jefferson replied, “I have given you a Republic…can you hold on to it?”

    Can we??

  35. I wish I had seen this before, I have some serious insight about Tim.

  36. Such as?

    This whole post is entirely devoid of content or anything in the neighborhood of "compelling". Looks like a lot of the Northside ego coming out in a blog that went over like a fart in church.