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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Unslated Bart McAtee Hits Airwaves: Is This A Sign Of Interesting Times Ahead for GOP?

OBSERVATIONS:  Well something must be going right for unslated GOP Sheriff candidate Bart McAtte (BMAC) (hat-tip to OGPL) as he has hit the airwaves with his first campaign commercial. What makes this all the more troubling for the GOP is that he is not their chosen one, that title belongs to Dennis Fishburn (DFISH).  So what are we to make of this news?

Let's review: You have a Chairman (TOJO) with a less than stellar reputation with the rank and file Party members and totally worthless as a fundraiser, who until recently was closerthanthis with all but indicted Carl Brizzi (CBRZ) Marion County Prosecutor who refuses to step down even after the request from the guy who has the blessing of the Govenor. Now you have a unslated candidate with enough cash to boost name recognition to move numbers enough that he could win by a squeaker.

And assuming he pulls it off an upset how then does the GOP mend fences in time to headoff juggernaut of the unchallenged Democratic candidate Col. John Layton (JLAY).  Well taken collectively this information suggests to us that the Marion County GOP is heading for a disaster of biblical proportions this November and these results could set up a resurgence of the Democrats in 2011. If you are Ed Treacy you are probably doing the cabbage patch dance right now.  So, what do you think?


UP: BMAC  $125, ETRY $135, JLAY $130, OGPL $185

DOWN: DFISH  $90, TOJO $15,


  1. I think that once it gets out that Brizzis campaign manager is now Fishburns campaign manager that Fishburn will be toast.

    People will associate Fisburn directly with Brizzi.From what I have read on the blogs McAtee is nobodys b&tch. He owes noting to Tom John. Fishburn owes everything to Tom John and Carl Brizzi.

    I recieved a call from the Fishburn phone bank and they spent most of the time telling me how bad of a person McAtee was. McAtee took the high road withhese spots and it shows.McAte could have come out swinging against Fishburn who has no experience

    I find it interesting that Fishburn had no money, the all of a sudden Brizzis campaign manager takes over and he has money. Did it come from Brizzi. Brizzi gave Fishburn money?

    McAtee can change the party and make it great again.What I dont understand is why Fishburn would allow himself to be so closey tied to Brizzi. Does Tom John not want Fishbrun to win.

    The Sheriffs race may be the most interesting race in the Primary

    Fishburn and Brizzi, an incredible duo.

  2. i agree anon 206,

    That should be the race to watch. What I am trying to understand is who is/was Brizzi's former campaign manager and why is that a bad thing since most of Brizzi's troubles came after his election.

  3. who is the manager all the blogs keep referring to

  4. While I strongly believe Colonel Layton will prevail, I did want to point out that he has competition in Mark Brown.

  5. Correction: The Democrat candidate does have a challenger, his name is Mark Brown.

    Mark has sharply criticized the department's "family & friends" pay plan, questioned the $20M budget increase in conflict with 400+ in staff reductions & considers it the Sheriff's job to review / approve all contracts.

    Check out Candidate Brown's website:

  6. Sorry about that iPOPA you're right. We just Haven't seen or heard much of Mr. Brown campaign.

  7. Dave,

    We do have him listed on the exchange, he just needs to give us a bit to work with. Tell him to make some noise! :)

  8. They call her Jennifer. Jennifer Holloway. She was Carl's little squeeze during his first campaign and tried to manage his little pecadillos for the next few years. She back looking for a new gig now and is being funded by Ballard and Fishburn.