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Friday, April 9, 2010

Evan Bayh For Governor In 2012? We'll Believe It When We See It.

OBSERVATION: Yep we picked up this little nugget up from the Talking Points Memo courtesy Terry Burns at ITIM.  Last time we spoke about the good Senator on this blog we withheld our analysis until the dust settled a bit.  Now that it has and he's making his intentions known to the nation we can weigh in with our collective feet. 

While we think that a Bayh redux is an intiguing idea, we made inquiries to a few of our politically astute friends asking them what they thought and were surprise at their answers. Almost to the one (both Republican and Democratic), they felt it was an eloraborate ruse. Most felt that it was the safest way for the Senator to keep his name in the public eye just so he can be a viable alternative for the Presidential election 2012 without appearing to directly attack the sitting President. And while they didn't rule it out many beleive that Evan allowed the comment to go public to keep someone else from gearing up for a run. No one would name a viable Democratic alternative but it still made sense.

Most believe that 2012 is not nearly enough time for him to separate himself from his any of his votes for or against the President Obama.  As one of our friends snarkeddly replied "You won't be able to look at one (Obama) without thinking of the other (Bayh)".   According to their analysis a run for the Governor will yield a crushing defeat for Bayh particularly after his past vote on Obamacare (again right or wrong it is still a hot topic) and upcoming votes on Cap and Trade, Immigration, Card Check legislation.

So after careful consideration we will place Senator Evan Bayh EBAYon the IPSE trading board in the candidate industry. Now if any of you out there believe any different then please feel free to share your tthoughts here. No theory is too wackyor conspiracy too loony...


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  1. Evan didn't have the signatures he needed to seal the deal for his nomination. I know because I was part of a statewide push to fight against him. Don't beleive me? Ask around in Lake County, Marion and Vandy. Or better yet find the list.

  2. Is N. Turner saying EB retired because he didn't have his petitions completed? Does the "N" stand for "Nutcase?"

  3. About as pausible as "I'm tired of the public discourse and tone of Washington." The guy served thru the Clinton and Bush years and only now does it bother him? The same guy who stated he didn't want to give the Republicans a "win" on Healthcare? I think there's more to his decision than meets the eyes.

  4. Are we talking about Evan Bayh:
    [1] the quitter,
    [2] the pouter because he was not on the national ticket,
    [3] the nobbody likes me so I am taking my ball and going home,
    [4] whose wife makes millions on boards of health and medical related companies while he obstructs legislation that would reform them,
    [5]the Democratic Senator who pissed half of the party by voting with the repubs and the other half by jumping ship at the last minute and preventing the voters from selecting the candidate on the that the Evan Bayh that you are talking about.....