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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Is This the End of the Brizzipalooza? We Think His Stock Value And The Odds of Him Remaining Prosecutor Are the Same: Zero

OBSERVATIONS:  Over the last few days there has been a slow whistling sound has been the hot air leaking out of the Brizzi hot air balloon. Yes the Brizzipalooza is ending and leaving wasted campaign funds, cynical public and a GOP party tries to clean up a eight year mess that would be the envy of a Big Ten frat house in less than eight months. 
Lately we've also been watching this site with interest as it has provided a blow by blow account as first one drinking buddy, then another are backing slowly away from the loud obnoxious friend they road to the party with just hours earlier.  

We aren't even going to try to understand his "shocked and surprised" statement. From our point of view most people who know of Carl's antics are "shocked" that he can still manage to embarrass himself in new ways and "surprised" he can't see that the party is over and there's a difference between cheers and jeers.  And when your best buds are publically throwing you under the bus well its time to paraphrase a familar departure for those who have worn out their welcome "Carl, you don't have to go home, but you gotta' leave here."

Our prediction: Brizzi will be out of office by Race Day, as of today now his stock value is 0.

UPDATE: We couldn't leave out this story from ADIN. So how long can this continue? Only Carl knows for sure.


UP: TCUR $145; MMAS $100; TOJO $20; ADIN $110



  1. Wow Abbie is joining in on the "Dump Brizzi Bandwagon? What's next a Republican senator in Mass.? Has finally seen the light or has is he just feeling the heat?

  2. i'm a little off topic however this appears to be the site to get good inside info on what's happening below the radar. What's up with the head of Ballard's re-entry (Ms. Riana Williams-no relation to Olgen) deciding to resign her post effective immediately and return to her PACE/OAR not for profit? Is it really because Straub has created a hostile work environment for women and minorities?

  3. Brizzi is disllusional now a certifiable phychopath. Now he accusing his would-be successor Mark Massa of playing politics, are you freaking kidding me? Anyone who knows Indy politics knows not to stand between Ballard and a hamburger and Carl and a television camera. I agree Ipse, this is the first shot across his bow that he's no longer welcomed in the party. The question now is will he take the window or the stairs.

  4. Brizzi needs the pension and becomes vested after 8 years. This is the 8th year. He will do everything possible to hold on because right now he doesn't own a ot to p!ss in or a window to throw it out of. He is a desperate and unstable man right now and I'm sure he and Abdul are trying to figure a graceful way out of this cesspool of a situation.

  5. @ inquiring

    yes, (they are trying to keep it a secret local government has no secrets) it is true she is leaving because the Public Safety director has created a hostile work environment. His battles with Olgen are leaving collatoral damage everywhere. Of course now she must fight with Tom John's wife Christina to get her old job back at PACE/OAR. Tom has vowed to use all of his powers to undermind her return to the agency. This should be interesting.

    ps: Abdul Hakim Shabazz also sits on the PACE/OAR board and is Tom's ace in the hole.

  6. Last time I checked out this Board, it was loaded with Friends/Relatives of Tom John-let's see-Tom and Christina. Elliot-Christina's brother and his wife, Abby. And Abdul?

  7. Actually Brizzi is pretty smart. While I'm sure he wouldn't mind having a secure pension the real reason for his public temper tantrum masking as false bravado is quite simple. He's waiting for a job offer from the powers that be (Mitch, Clark et, al. Having squandered any chance to get a decent job with a prominent law firm, Carl is playing his last card -holding the local GOP hostage and even the possible embarassment of the Governor if necessary. What most people don't know is that Chairman Tom John is helping Carl by acting as his "Luca Brasi" finding out and negotiating where he can land with a bronze (golden is out of the question) parachute. Yep Carlito is still working the system.

  8. Christina is seething right now. She's making phone calls throwing Tom John's name around promising to set up an ruin Ms. Williams. Someone needs to let her know to watch her back. Christina vowed to use her connection with the Mayor and Governor and several judges to keep her job. I don't know her qualifications but I'm wondering how did she get her position to begin with?

  9. @anon 3:01

    I guess that would explain their excessive drinking last night...i wish i had stock in a liqour distribution company.

  10. anon245,

    You may be on to something with your theory. It certainly the only thing that makes sense for as a guy who is all but buried politically. Please let us know when an offer is made, we'd love to keep him in the game.

  11. So Tom John the Master of all Marion County GOP can't find a gig for his private investigator/girlfriend turned wife in Ice Miller where he's a partner or in the Ballard Administration? Then he tries to take over a not for profit that helps ex-offenders? Pretty pathetic. Bad move Tommy boy! I guess Christina can always get her old job back at the Brass Flamingo.

  12. I would think that if Tom had enough juice to convince Straub and a few Councilors to dump Peace In the Streets, (payback for Aaron not dropping out of the special election) he could get his wife a job in the Ballard administration. What's the deal TOJO?

  13. Christina Trexler is not as bright as he thinks she is, and Tom John is not as powerful as she think he is. Both can only scam each other. Expect Christina to start packing her bags and march over the the Governor's Office to get a job, preferrably with DOC.

  14. So does that mean that Abdul Hakim Shabazz gets to keep his position on the PACE/OAR Board of Directors? I mean if his BFF wife is gone as he says "what's the point?"