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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Beleaguered Carl Brizzi Inspires IPSE To Add Another Stock Category!

OBSERVATIONS: Well you know things are not going that well for you when the Indianapolis Star starts up its printing press against you. With all do respect to Mr. Ryerson, the Indy Ops gurus are typically a bit late ( fashionably of course)  when it comes to speaking out against most controversial issues particularly when it targets the political insiders and supporters of the status quo. 

Today's editorial is the second such declaration from the Indianapolis Business Journal with its detailed anaylsis of Brizzi's questionable financial activities was the first from the traditional media to see the obvious call for his resignation.

One of the few upside from Brizzi's reluctance to accept the dividends of his action is that it forced us to ask the question: How do you measure the impact of a political office holder that fails to see how his actions become a detriment to his party?  As a result of Carl Brizzi's walk through his own personal wonderland, we are creating a new stock industry based soley on a political party. 

Unlike our standard array of equity the price for each of these stocks will be only $1.00.  We purposely designed this industry to be very liquid in order to facilitate easier transaction and of course better measure party popularity. 

There will be 3 separate classes:  Local, State and Federal and will have the following symbols



with the lower case letter "l,s,f" designating the level of government (local, state, federal).  We are still weighing the option of including the Libertarian Party as they exist on the ballot only at the local and state level.  If Libertarians are interested in being recognized please feel free to make your case as a posting.

Here's the price breakdown:

Local (Indianapolis only) :       x
State (Indiana) :                     2x 
Federal (National) :                           3x

In other words, if the DEMl price is $1.00 it will take 2 more of this stock to purchase 1 share of DEMf.
Don't worry if it doesn't make sense right now it will make sense once you see it in action.
Stock price influence will be limited to published reports from media outlets.

Again, we'll gauge the strength of each political party based on the collective behavior of their local, state and federal elected officials and raise or lower stock value occordingly. 

And while this type of model may not be as accurate as a poll, it will provide an interesting snapshot of party strength and popularity at the various levels of government without being tied into a particular region or officeholder or polling firm. 

Finally we want to thank all of you who have made this blog possible, especially you Carl.

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