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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Carl Confuses "Ethically" Challenged With "Ethnically" Challenged In Comparing Himself to Rudy Guiliani

OBSERVATIONS:  In an interview that was excrutiatingly painful to listen to Republican Prosectuor Carl Brizzi (CBRZ) seems to be totally oblivious to how deep in excrement he's really in (currently chest-high). We're just wondering if he has  forgotten that everything he says in public up to this point is now public record? 

He fails to understand that his words today undermind his argument to remain in his office by announcing that his prosecutors have successfully prosecuted 3 individuals a few days ago as proof that his performance as a Prosecutor is untainted. Sadly he ignores the fact that it is because of his "naivete" and "arrogance" that "he" is news and not his office's prosecution rate.

We also found his word-of the-day "naive" (we prefer the other n-word - nefarious) an clear indication of someone who is either totally clueless of the situation or terribly disengenious to what he knows is the truth.  With this interview it appears that he has all but declared an all out war GOP establishment including Mark Massa (MMAS) the Republican candidate for Prosecutor, Governor Mitch Daniels (MDAN-  Mark Massa was his former chief counsel), the State and Marion County Republican Party by suggesting that calls for him to step down is nothing more than a publicity stunt designed to install Mark Massa as an incumbant.  Regardless if he steps down or not, he has just fed the Democratic Party their tagline for the next few months.  Propably not the best way to use one's dimishing political capital...

Now one of us is beginning to think that one of our regular readers may be on to something by suggesting that Brizzi is playing the only card he has left to shakedown the political powers for a guaranteed paycheck for the next few years.  We can only assume that at age 42, it will be at least 10 years or more before Carl can collect his 30k pension and with his legal bills mounting its a drop in the bucket considering the mouths (children and attorneys) he has to feed. Better come up with a plan "B" Mr. Brizzi.

Finally we chuckled to ourselves as he tried to compare himself to former New York Mayor Rudy Guiliani.  Carl the accusations of your critics is that you are ethically challenged not ethnically challenged.

As if that wasn't enough Brizzi Briefs, Indianapolis Star Matt Tully allows the saga to continue in his column today.  We still beleive that Carl will be out by the primary as the GOP can ill afford to have him in the public eye going into the next 6 months. 

Finally we would like to remind Carl the old legal advice from good ole' Abe Lincoln  "He who represents himself has a fool for a client." Think about it.


UP:  TCUR $165, ETRY $155

DOWN: MMAS $80; GBAL $110,  MDAN $160


  1. What a great post. Brizzi is spinning like crazy. TOJO has stepped in it again, this time with a guy who helped him for years. I thought this was a blog about winners and losers. Let's just create a blog for losers. Oh yeah, TOJO did that at th GOP web site.

  2. Carl the worst is yet to come politically if you don't step aside now. My friend, do you actually think you will have any friends if because fo you Mark Massa loses? Trust me even if he runs a crappy campaign and does you my friend will get the blame.

    As for Tom, you guys have been scheming for years picking and chosing winners and losers in your on private kingdom building and now its down to you. Two of a kind. Both of you think of only yourself and now its between you and him for poltical survival. You know him well. Who do you think he's going to pick?

    Your secrets dealing and indiscresions are slowly working their way through the blogosphere by those you once called friends. You see when you surround yourself with people who operate just like you, they are also motivated just like you.

    How do you think the drunk story made it to Matt Tully?

  3. Abdul just made one of his favorite bets with Tom (ala Trading Places) that Brizzi will step down in the next few days.

  4. Carl will never step down unless it is part of a plea agreement. as much as he would like to deny it, Massa is just a continuation of Brizzi.

  5. IPSE,

    I think these posts might fluctuate some stocks.

    Abdul's latest post, and in the comments section, an allegation:

    And Ogden's response:

  6. If Abdul bets Tom anything, he is not smart. Tom John is the guy who can't raise any money. Then there was that now not so hush hush embezzlement on his watch. So Abdul better get cash up front, or the checks might bounce from Tom (again).

  7. The post about Massa being a continuation of brizzi is dead wrong. Massa is trying very, very hard to separate himself from brizzi and tojo and was not to happy they are throwing threats back and forth. A recent fundraiser held for Massa downtown was done with one caveat, Tom John was not allowed to attend as he embarassed the group involved.

  8. Tom John was not allowed to attend?

    Did his girlfriend "Abdula" tell him he could not go?

  9. IPSE,

    the e-mail at top doesn't seem to be working. Any other way to contact you?

  10. I am amazed how the Star, WISH, WTHR, everyone, is not connecting the dot to TOJO. Him and Brizzi were connected at the hip for years, and not just when they were swinging. If you are a journalist with half a brain you should be trying to pull the carpet back at the Marion County Repub HQ. If you look at the numbers and connect the dots TOJO has been up to some shady dealings for years.

  11. Indy Student,

    Try We have received at 25 or so today so we think it is working..

  12. Indy Student,

    We've monitored the dialogue between the two bloggers and will be make a decision today. Our debate centered around the overall impact of their discussion on how their comments reflected on their overall effectiveness in the blogosphere. Since you and others have notice we decided to mover forward with a posting sometime today. Thanks for dropping us a line we really appreciate your comments and interest.

  13. "I am amazed how the Star, WISH, WTHR, everyone, is not connecting the dot to TOJO. Him and Brizzi were connected at the hip for years, and not just when they were swinging."

    That is right on. Somehow that guy sees this as his opportunity to make it look like he is the fresh face and a new regime is taking over. TOJO is so pathetic he can't really think everyone will ignore his past indiscretions. Massa needs to stay as far, far away from TOJO as he can, and maybe good things will happen.

  14. Indy student - Thanks for pointing out the two blogs. That is some nasty stuff if Abdul posted a lie that is bad. However the deposition and court records show a protective order against Ogden was entered. I am amazed at how Ogden turned around and nailed that lady again in his response. he said leave her alone, then murdered her with his keyboard.