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Monday, April 12, 2010

Carl Brizzi and Tom John Now Engaged In Messy Public Divorce. IPSE Is Wondering Who Get's Custody Of Abdul*?

OBSERVATION:  We found it amazing how one little blurb in yesterday's Indy Star Behind Closed Doors section can expose so much about the character of our Marion County's political players.  While we couldn't find the article online we did read about the little he said-he, he-said between embattled GOP Prosecutor Carl Brizzi (CBRZ) and Marion GOP Chairman Tom John (TOJO).  Here's an excerpt:

Carl Brizzi:  "Tom John is one of the most ineffective chairmen that our city has seen in decades"  and had faced dissatisfaction over his leadership. "Tom John lives in a glass house, and he ought not to be throwing stones".

Carl Brizzi: "This move by Tom John underscores the fact that he's not very bright."

Asked to respond Tom John said first that he'd been shopping for curtains for his glass house. Then his real reply. 

Tom John:  If you want to call me ineffective when on my watch, we've won the council majority and we've won the mayor's office, and we took what was an 18,000-vote loss in he governor's race in 2004 (in Marion County) and turned it into a 48,000-vote win in 2008, then have at it"

Tom John: I understand his being upset with me, but I do what I think is best for the party and the city." 

Wow.  There's so much here to comment on that we don't know where to start so we'll leave that up to you.  What we do know is that this can't be good for the local GOP party and certainly not for GOP candidate Mark Massa (MMAS). What we also find troubling is the total absence of leadership from Mayor Greg Ballard (GBAL) in putting an end to this embarrassing display of chest-thumping. 

Perhaps there's truth to the rumor that he (Mayor Ballard) has neither the stomach nor brains to act in his own political interest.  We expect that right now someone from the other side of Market street is making a phone calls to get this reconciled even as we speak.

* The Abdul reference in the title is a little add-on given to us by a reader who stated that both consider him their very close friend and confidant.


UP:  TCUR $155, ETRY $145

DOWN:   MMAS $90,  GBAL  $115,  CBRZ $0


  1. So is this the same Tom John who:

    1) Called ahead to funders of then candidate Ballard to tell them not to give him any money?

    2) Worked with Carl Brizzi to make sure it was Ballard to get nominated because they felt that he was the weakest of all candidates thus allowing Brizzi to position himself for a run in 2011?

    3) Is this the same Tom John joked with Carl Brizzi saying that the only thing attractive about Mayor Ballard as a candidate was his hot wife.

    Is this the same Tom John who called Barb Malone a "pushy black b**ch" for not accepting a demontion from a committee?

    Is this the same guy who had Abdul put spyware on Berth White's computer so they could monitor the emails between her and Mayor Peterson?

    Just asking for a little clarification.

  2. Indianapolis Times is asking an interesting question. What does Brizzi mean about "glass houses?" So what does Tom know and when did he know it?

  3. Tom had nothing to do with Mitch's victory and everyone including Tom knows it. In 2006 he also directed all funds to go to Brizzi's campaign and starved the other countywide candidates and when it was over blamed them for their defeat. And let's not forget it was him and Brizzi who conspired with a few others to undermine Mike Murphy so he could become County Chairman. All that we are seeing now are the chickens coming home to roost.

    Oh and Tom, how can you be sure that your phones weren't tapped as well?

  4. Brizzi was right on one thing: Tom is ineffective especially when it comes to raising money. Of course it wouldn't be that nearly as bad had not his little office/bar fling not embezzeled 5 figures from the GOP coffers a few months back creating a flood of bounced checks and layoffs. Funny how it took Ballard's fundraising acumen to cover up his "error of judgement".

    Yes Tom is a genius and Carl of all people should know because they've "shared" a lot more together than either one of them will publically admit.

  5. So who will get that chattering, pudgy little Chia-pet? And more importantly is he housebroken?

  6. @Hector


  7. hmmmm, a chia-pet with a micrphone...(shudder) does sit come with a muzzle?

  8. Don't you mean who is the poor slob that will be stuck in listening to Abdul's 3rd rate stand-up routine while being forced to buy his drinks just to have someone to gush over you? I suggest they get a dog, its more loyal and far more intellegent.

  9. the mighty have fallenApril 12, 2010 at 5:50 PM

    Poor Carl,

    Creditors on his right, child support payments on his left and no money in the middle. I bet all poor Carl wants right now is a paycheck and mean ole' Tom John is doing very little to make that happen. Come on Tom use some of that Ice Miller mojo and get Carlito a job! Can't he at least do some bond work for ya'?

  10. In my opinion, the loser in this divorce will be the one who gets custody of Abdul.

  11. This blog cracks me up! Thank you for the afterwork entertainment. Can the commenters guess who the blogger(s) is(are)? my guess is the blogger someone close enough to the Chairman to know the truth and be angered by it, yet politically relevent enough that if their identity was known it would harm their career. My guess: a blogger here is the former city chamber lobbyist turned construction company business development dir. for Indy. I fully admit that is just a guess. No inside knowledge on this end. Any other guesses from the audience?

  12. I don't know who the blogger is but this stuff is off the hook. What a couple of losers I can't wait for more. One thing Brizzi got right, Tom John is not very bright. If he gets curtains for his house, how will we all get to watch the sexcapades. that girl who stole all the money from GOP, she has not surfaced in a while from his house.

  13. at the end of the dayApril 17, 2010 at 6:43 AM

    anon 8:03,

    But does Christina Trexler-John, his new wifey no about his little pecadillos? Or is she that insecure that she let's thinks its ok?

  14. Anon 8:03

    Tom John not very bright? He is the brain child that gave us Dennis Fishburn for the Sheriffs candidate.That speaks volumes.

    I believe that if Fishburn wins the election that the deal has already been cut for Brizzi to be Fishburns Chief legal concel.

    Fishburn and Brizzi share the same campaign manager who was appointed by.......Tom John

  15. This blog is brilliant. The comments are as good as the editors!