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Saturday, January 2, 2010

How are stocks selected?

Good question. First, and most obviously a candidate stock is determined by someone who has officially declared for office coupled with the overall impact of the office on the local political environment. Second, we only allow one type of stock per individual. For instance, if we are monitoring an already elected official's stock and he/she decides to run for another office they will continue to be measured as in the POLITICIAN Industry as opposed to the CANDIDATE Industry.

POLITICIAN Industry: We select elected officals that create chatter based on earned media activities and a visible engagement in the community and/or the political process. Obviously some positions such as mayor or prosecutor by their very nature must be included.

The PUNDIT Industry: This market is comprised of mostly blogs and of course the mainstream media which we will not list however will link to a story as needed. We selected blogs that are primarily political in content and appear to have a fairly high degree of traffic.

POLITICAL INSIDERS/STAFFERS Industry: This industry measures the effectiveness and value of political insiders such as party chairpersons, appointed or staffers of selected office holders.

A stock can drop off our list if there is a long period of inactivity.  If that happens we will find a replacement as no stock has a permanent spot on the blog. If we feel for any reason that the stock is not performing to our selected criteria we will drop it with notice but without warning.

JUNK BOND Status: A stock is marked as junk bond if its value falls below $10 a share.

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