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Friday, January 1, 2010


IPSE is a blog that collects, analyzes and rates the political chatter from the blogosphere, mainstream media (and to a lesser extent talk radio) and translates the results into a political stock market model.  We have four industries: 1) politicians 2) political indisiders 3) pundits 4) candidates. 

Each day we review press releases, postings, responses and reports from selected blogs and news outlets to decide the political stock values of  selected elected officials, candidates, political insiders and even the blogs themselves. 

Each stock starts with an initial value of $100 (yeah we know its not like that in real life but we wanted to keep this simple) and may go up and down based on the news of the day.  Also each industry has a unique and separate rating critera.  We can get into that later.

The next few posts will answer frequestly asked questions.  We do have some ideas of adding a trading component to the blog once we iron out the logistics. In the meantime sit back and enjoy.

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