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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Brizzi Issues IPO Helen Marchal As His Pick for GOP Candidate for Prosecutor

OBESRVATION: Well its official Brizzi has declined to seek another term yesterday and while it came as no great surprise we were puzzled on thehow he mad this annoucement via an open letter and facebook and all other meothods that shield him from cross-examination or at the very least follow-up questions. Not quite the Brizzi standard of lights, camera action that so many of us have been accustomed to seeing. 

We did take notice to a new stock entry to the Hoosier political marketplace of ideas in the person of his chief of staff Helen Marchal who has received endorsement of Carl Brizzi and an immediate co-signer in the form of Tom John sound bite to be the GOP candidate for the Prosecutor in 2010.

While this pick is certainly interesting we are wondering how the precinct committeepersons will react to a pre-selected candidate for the top law enforement officer in Indianapolis. 


UP:  HMRL $110

DOWN: CBRZ $70, TOJO $60,

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