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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Twenty Questions for 2011: (1-5)

OBSERVATIONS: Taking a suggestion from one of our readers we're asking the first five of the top twenty provocative (and a bit irreverent) questions for 2011. 

1) What percentage of the GOP decision-makers wish they had a mulligan on their 2010 Secretary of State pick?

2) Will the Democratic Party accept "Sherron Franklin II" the sequel?

3) Is Indy ready for a female mayor?

4)  Will "independent-minded" Abdul Hakim Shabazz play the same role in this year's mayoral election (that of an anti-incumbent) as he did in 2007?

5) Will Democratic At-large candidate Joanne Sanders use her patented "only vote for me" strategy to insure her primary victory?


  1. 1. 100%
    2. Reluctantly.
    3. Yes, they have for years. Just not been the right candidate in the right situation.
    4. Funny.
    5. She won't need to in 2011. The D's should easily sweep at-large positions considering solid Democratic base in county.

  2. Ms. Franklin will do fine by constituents, unlike the "parties" of constitu-ain'ts...

  3. 1. 95%. You forget that Delph and Brainard are Charlies best buddies, so Im sure those two are behind him. But most of the Rs that I know,wish that Charlie whould just go away,far away.

    2.Ya, I guess but who really cares.

    3. Of course, Indy is ready, after all we did hire a man who canot complete a full thought in front of a camera.Not sure if Melina is the person though,not a great Mayorial image.Kind of mousey.

    4.It would be in Abduls best interest for the Mayor to loose.It would give him more fodder to spew Dave Brooks agenda to the public.Limbaugh is doing much better numbers
    with O in the office. Dont worry though, Abdul wil still be on the MCRCC payroll.

    5. It does not really matter. The only R CCC members are Cardwell and Cain anyway. Everyone else is potential toast, including Ryan.Paul is correct it will be a bloodbath for the Republican CCC candidates.

  4. Sherron has outlived her usefulness. Most people now know that she regularly fed Abdul information on Democratic business. Good riddance to her and as a PC in Washington Township I won't support her.

  5. 1. They still don't know who they voted for, so no.

    2. Franklin will not win, so this is a moot point.

    3. I think so.

    4. Definitely not. Sorry Abdul.

    5. Joanne will be fine.